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Play On Con's New Thing

Help us fund (and name) a second event in the fall!

Über den Projekt


Play On Con is a sci-fi summer camp event going into its 12th year on the weekend of July 4-7, 2019, being hosted at the Alabama 4-H Center (details at  This project is to launch a second summer camp-style event during the fall, September 19-22, 2019, to be held at Camp Blue Ridge in Clayton, GA.

Contributors will help decide this new event's name! (A survey link will be mailed to you after you sign up.)




Imagine a more group-focused event, where friends make plans to come together and spend the weekend in the mountains.  We’re seeing Play On Con as our individual-welcoming flagship event, and we're seeing this new event as a place where friendships and groups formed at places like POC can be taken to another level.

Where Play On Con offers many quests and rewards for completing tasks individually, this new event will center entirely on teamwork, expanding the Color Wars event we introduced in 2018 into a weekend-long competition.

Every attendee will be a member of a team with an assigned color, with around 10-20 members, and activities throughout the convention will tie into an overall scoring system which ranks each team's performance.

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?


We need a minimum of 200 ticket sales here in order to pay the bills for this new fall event--primarily the camp rental fee, but also basic operational costs like printing team shirts and hauling in supplies.

If we don't sell 200 units in this fundraiser, we will withdraw from the contract with Camp Blue Ridge, and all contributions made here will be cancelled.  You will be fully refunded if we don't go forward with the event!



Each contributor here will receive:

  • A pass to the new fall event, valid for all four days.
  • A Color Wars t-shirt in your team's color.
  • Either on-site lodging or a dedicated parking space near the camp entrance (if staying off-site).

These packages are being offered at a lower price here than they will be after the fundraiser closes. Additionally, each contributor here will be entitled to take 50% off on passes to Play On Con, which will open sales in February.


  • No day passes will be offered for the new event.  If you cannot attend the entire weekend, that's OK!  It's still a great deal at the price being offered here, and we'll gladly hold your pass, shirt, and lodging/parking for you until you arrive.
  • No passes of any kind will be sold on-site.  If you want to attend, you'll need to purchase your pass(es) ahead of time online (ideally as part of this fundraiser)!
  • All attendees will pay to attend this event (including its organizers), and all will be encouraged (but not required) to volunteer in some way.  We strongly believe that part of the fun of this new-style event will be actively participating in its creation and/or execution!
  • Our Hospitality team will contact all bunk contributors here after the fundraiser closes in order to confirm specific cabin groups and assignments.  16 total bunk orders will be needed to guarantee a private group cabin, and as long as we hit our minimum goal of 200, there will be an opportunity to buy more after this fundraiser closes.  For any groups who end up with fewer or more than 16 bunk orders, we will offer as much flexibility as the camp allows, including allowing you to swap over to another group if it becomes necessary (assuming the new group is OK with it, of course!).  Guests are very welcome to purchase additional passes here, even if left unused, in order to reach 16 bunks and/or to help us reach our goal!
  • Camp Blue Ridge is currently doing a lot of renovations, including upgrading the Bugbear Hill cabins to match the Goblin Hill cabins.  For this reason, all bunk orders will be the same price.  However, our team will do everything possible to accommodate if you indicate during discussions that you prefer one area over the other.
  • Each tent camper will need a tent camping pass, even if staying in someone else's tent.  Tent camping passes are not for specific tent spots--just for the right to sleep in a tent somewhere on the camp property.  If you have a group of tent campers and you want to reserve an area for them to be together, we will be happy to advise you on how to make that happen, but we will not have a placement team assigning spots to anyone.
  • The dining hall will be closed, and we will not have on-site food sales unless we get in some good outdoor vendors.  We recommend you and your friends plan to do some camp cooking as a group. We will even have some camp cooking classes on Thursday night if you want to do your shopping on Friday!  There will be designated areas for cooking and eating.  Food in cabins should remain in tightly sealed containers in order to avoid drawing pests!



We expect the fall season to reduce the need for air conditioning.  Additionally, since we will not have cooking in the gaming hall, we expect that to lower that room's temperature significantly.  However, if we reach 300 paid attendees during this fundraiser, we will also be able to bring in a more powerful air conditioning solution than we saw at Play On Con 2018.



We look forward to making a cool new thing with you!

Über den Projektträger

Dan Gilbert and Wes Wilson met each other, and most of their other friends, through events very much like the one they're trying to create here.  They've known each other longer than they care to admit, and they've worked together as owners of Play On Con's parent company since 2007.

They are both very proud to continue helping to create opportunities for others to form friendships as good as theirs.

You can find Play On Con on both Facebook and Twitter!