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Pitch'n Dunk v2

THE basketball simulation boardgame is back !

Über den Projekt

The game (video rules explanation in french on TricTrac) :

Pitch’n Dunk is a boardgame designed by Daniel Quodbach and David Kalmes, illustrated by Fabien Boulay. The game is a basketball simulation for two players, ages 8 and up. Each coach (player of the game) has to score 11 points by flicking their players around the court. More details are on the BGG page.

The game is composed by : a board representing a basketball field (77x43cm), a shot clock track (5x20cm), 10 wooden discs (5 per player), 1 wooden disc for the balloon, a shot clock wooden disc, 13 stickers, a french rulebook (12 pages, English and German versions will be downloadable) and a solid plastic tube.

You can see a video on TricTrac (in French) which presents the 2012 version of the game.

You can download the v1 rules here (v2 rules will be available soon)

The story :

The game has been micro-published before and that edition is sold out. It has earned really good comments on BGG and TricTrac.

IF Association manufactured 224 copies of the game in 2012 and all copies were gone in less than 3 months. With this success, we were able to donate 1512 € to the French organization 1 Maillot pour la Vie (1 Jersey for Life), which helps ill children.

Since then, we have often received requests to republish the game. So we decided to do this through Ulule.

And, as in 2012, we will give 7 € per game sold to 1 Maillot pour la Vie.

Pitch’n Dunk v2 ? :

Just so you have something to look at in reference, the photos and videos on this page are of the first version of the game. For this version 2, we made some modifications:

  • the rulebook is now 12 pages instead of 8. It will contain a game help.
  • the blue wooden discs will now be neutral instead
  • the sticker backgrounds will be clearer
  • v1's shot clock system with stickers on the back of the player discs will be replaced by a shot clock track with a wooden disc and a sticker. With this new system, no need to flip over the discs during a game and it improves the flow of the game.

Shipping :

-Shipping to France and Switzerland is included in the 7 € pledge level (shot clock track). For other countries, or for more than 1 one shot clock track, you have to contact us.

-Shipping to France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg is included in the other pledge levels. It will be sent via Mondial Relay. Please contact us if you want more than one game.

-For other countries, shipping costs are indicated in the pledge level for a Pitch’n Dunk game only. Please contact us if you want more than one copy of the game or if you want to make a pledge with Pitch'n Goal.

Delivery :

Planned for June 2015

To support us, you can download these avatars :

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

Our pledge goal amount will allow us to make 224 copies of the game.

Each copy is sold 30 € (without shipping). For each copy sold :

-7 € are given to the organization 1 Maillot pour la Vie

-5 € are for IF Association, to help us make future projects.

The funds will also allow us to pay shipping costs and Ulule's commission.

If we exceed our goal, some bonuses are planned :

4500 € : a score track with two wooden discs and two stickers

5000 € : an additional team with 5 yellow wooden discs and five stickers with new players

5500  € : a disc token to determine the first player

6000 € : a sticker with the game's logo to stick on the plastic tube

6500 € : an online page to personalize your own stickers (see the example here for Pitch’n Goal)

Über den Projektträger

IF Association is a Swiss nonprofit association. Its mission is to make creative projects and donate a portion of the proceeds to others organizations.

Florian (IF Association president), Hugues (secretary) and Manu (treasurer)

IF Association was founded in 2008 and we already have completed several projects :

-Scroll, a children's music in 2008 for EFI organization.

-Pitch’n Dunk first version in 2012, a boardgame. 1512 € was given to 1 Maillot pour la Vie

-Les Souris Gourmandes in 2014, a cardgame. We already gave 1600 € to Theodora foundation and another donation will be made soon.

-Pitch’n Goal in 2014, a boardgame. We already gave 1200 € to la Ligue contre la Cardiomyopathie.

Furthermore, we have others projects in progress :

-Tribute to illustrators for the organization Rêves

-Pitch’n Dunk v2 for 1 Maillot pour la Vie

-Tiki, a boardgame planned for Cannes 2016. The organization to benefit is not yet chosen.

-A tales book. The organization to benefit is not yet chosen

And maybe some others…