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Sneakers 100% Handmade in Peru

Über den Projekt




Perús is a socially responsible sneakers brand.

Colorful canvas sneakers with Inca patterns, 100% handmade in Peru by local artisans.

Our sneakers are a merge between authentic Peruvian tradition and modern elegant streetwear.

All our designs are unisex.


Our sneakers are handmade in the Arequipa region in South Peru. There we have been lucky enough to meet Alexandra and her team of 6 skilled artisans.

Alexandra sources the Inca patterns canvas in Peru, same as all the materials necessary to make the shoes.

The whole fabrication process of a sneaker takes 3 days.


Ethics and social responsibility are central values of the project. That is why we created the TwoShoesForSchool program in collaboration with the association Los Chicos de Cusco. 

For each pair of  Perús bought, one day of school is financed for a child in San Jeronimo, a poor suburb of Cusco. This includes teachers salary, school supplies, school books and the uniform.



Offered with the first hundred pairs: Tote bag made out of canvas offcuts, matching the designs ordered !




Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

Your contributions will enable us to launch the production, to finance necessary developments, constitute a first stock and let the project fly with its own wings ! If we attain our objective of 200 pairs, the budget will be used as followed:

If, thanks to you, we manage to surpass our goal, we will be able to develop more and, for the pleasure of everyone, design new models ! We count on you to help us share the campaign and the project to make it happen :)

Über den Projektträger

Hi ! We are Armand, Henri and Nicolas (from left to right) !

During our backpacking trip around South America, we have discovered the beautiful craftmanship of Andean Peru. It is at this moment that came up the idea of a product that conveyed a mix of influences and values: travelling, openness to other cultures and thirst of great spaces on the one hand and an urban minimalistic elegance on the other hand.

At the end of our business studies, it was a bit hard for us to project ourselves into a corporate environment. In our opinion, entreprenorship is a form of freedom. We want to integrate that desire into our product and our project in general.

This project is happening thanks to the help of many friends. A big thanks to Pach, Sam, Julie D, Edouard, Jean-Louis Casquette, Paul L, Victor F., Rémi, Marine, Charlotte, Samantha, Charles, Paul B, Daphné, Caroline, Alice, Christophe, Julien and Andrea for their precious help.


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