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One Million Acres

Fair-trade eco-bracelet made by indigenous artisans that funds the protection of an entire ACRE of endangered rainforest and the planting of

Über den Projekt

OMA is a social enterprise that protects critically endangered rainforests while empowering indigenous artisans to rise out of poverty.  Join the movement to create a healthy and sustainable future for our planet, as well as ALL those we share it with.

This just in!  Thanks to the generous support of Bank of the West, all impact project contributions for this campaign will now be matched (a.k.a. DOUBLED!) Meaning, every bracelet sold will now fund the protection of TWO acres of endangered rainforest through Rainforest Trust, and the planting of TWO trees through One Tree Planted. This is a BIG win for the project, and for the planet!



Despite their reverence as a great ecological wonder, our rainforests are being destroyed at an alarming rate of over 80,000 acres every DAY due to deforestation. Extractive industries like animal agriculture, oil, and logging are decimating these lands with zero regard for the impact that it's having on the planet...or our survival here.  This rapid, irreversible decline poses a tremendous threat to the MILLIONS of species that call them home, and we're already seeing over 100 species going extinct every day due these practices. The protection of these vital ecosystems is one of the most urgent environmental issues of our time.


When we set out to make this bracelet, we didn't want to just sell another "thing" that you could buy to support a cause, we wanted to make sure that the bracelet ITSELF was creating impact.  That's why we've created a first-of-its kind bracelet made of 100% organic materials that have been sustainably sourced from the Amazon Rainforest, making it 100% biodegradable. 

The beads are made from tagua, a nut that growns on palm trees in the Amazon, and is commonly referred to as eco-ivory.  Tagua has the same look and feel as elephant ivory but provides a humane alternative to the barbaric ivory trade. 

The string is made from the leaves of the chambira palm, one of the main resources indigenous artisans use for creating handicrafts in the Amazon.  Both the tagua and chambira are naturally regenerative materials, meaning no trees have to be cut down to use them, and they will continue to regenerate on their own!

In creating the most environmentally friendly bracelet of all time, we knew we had to make sure all of our packaging fit the bill as well, so we developed a zero-waste plantable packaging to go with the bracelet.  This packaging is made from a compostable paper embedded with non-invasive wildflower seeds, so you can plant it when you're done with it.  There's also a place to write a personal dream or vision on the inside of the packaging, allowing you to truly become a part of the OMA story by "growing" your own intention into the world!

We even use 100% recycled mailers to ship our bracelets in, insuring that every angle is covered when it comes to our minimizing our footprint here.

The whole goal of this initiative is to not only create new channels of impact for the protection of rainforests, but to ENRICH the lives of our artisan partners.  That's why we've created an opportunity that allows our artisans to earn 4-5X their typical wages, while honoring the land they live on instead of succumbing to it's exploitation.  

But really, anyone can SAY stuff like this these days just to try and line their own pockets, but that's not who we are, nor is it the reason we started this project in the first place.  So we've taken the extra step and had the entire initiative thoroughly vetted by the World Fair Trade Organization to insure that our high standards of integrity and equality are met.


We've partnered with the indigenous Waorani tribe of the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon region to bring the first phase of this initiative to life.  The Waorani are a beautiful people that have been living in harmony with the land for hundreds of years.  Making handicrafts like bracelets and other jewelry with their own local materials has been a part of their traditional cultural heritage for centuries. 

We worked with our artisans for months to create a bracelet that utilized their own traditional handicraft methods while creating a design that was clean and simple.  The design is meant to be a celebration of the modern and traditional worlds living in harmony.

Last year the Waorani were in the news when they won a landmark legal battle to protect over half a million acres of land from exploitation by big oil companies.  While this was an amazing victory, the fight to protect these vital ecosystems is far from over, and we believe that projects like this will help reinforce the foundation for the Waorani to continue to fight for their land.


This just in!  Thanks to the generous support of Bank of the West, all impact project contributions for this campaign will now be matched (a.k.a. DOUBLED!) Meaning, every bracelet sold will now fund the protection of TWO acres of endangered rainforest through Rainforest Trust, and the planting of TWO trees through One Tree Planted. This is a BIG win for the project, and for the planet!


***UPDATE: 04/22/20***

Amazon Frontlines is an another amazing organzation that has been working in the Amazon Rainforest for years, and have just put together an emergency action fund for the indigenous communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon, the SAME communities that we're working with for the OMA initiative.  To understand the extent of this emergency:

"Coronavirus has reached the edge of indigenous territories in the Upper Amazon. Indigenous populations are extremely vulnerable to the disease due to persistent inequality, exclusion and discrimination in general access to public services, as well as their geographic isolation. Basic medical supplies and testing equipment are virtually non-existent. For indigenous peoples, who carry living memories of the devastating impacts of invasive diseases, COVID-19 represents an existential threat to their very physical and cultural survival. Especially at risk are indigenous elders, the guardians of thousands of years of ancestral knowledge about the Amazon rainforest and how to protect it."

Even with all of the amazing impact projects we're already supporting with this initiative, we couldn't just stand by and not do what we can to help out here as well, so we are now going to be donating an ADDITIONAL $1 from every contribution to our campaign to the Amazon Emergency Action Fund as well.  Amazon Frontlines is a highly vetted organization that has been doing amazing work for the indigenous communities of the Amazon for a long time, and are one of the best teams to properly manage this type of effort.  




**Since so many people asked we decided to add an eco-friendly OMA t-shirt into the mix to give you the opportunity to increase your impact while representing your love for the planet.  Made from sustainably sourced organic cotton and printed with water-based inks, our t-shirts are just as much a celebration of our beautiful Mother Earth as our bracelets are.

We've hit our stretch goal of 200% meaning every bracelet will now come with a FREE limited edition Founding Member sticker!  This sticker will NOT be available after the closing of this campaign, so the only way to get one and come an official "founding member" will be by backing the project here!

We've put a LOT of time and energy into making sure our artisans are setup for success to insure an April delivery for all rewards.  In the crowdfunding world, this is pretty much unheard of, but we want to insure that all of our initial backers are able to receive their rewards as soon as possible!

With that being said, there's always a chance there could be slight delays here and there, but we'll do everything in our power to keep you posted should any part of our anticipated timeline change.


In light of everything going on right now with COVID-19, we are pushing our expected delivery date out to June.  It could be sooner still, we will just have to wait and see as everything pans out.

To be clear, our first round of bracelets is already complete, they're just stuck in Ecuador right now, as all shipping channels are currently on pause until everything opens back up.  Stay tuned for updates in the News channel and rest assured that AS SOON as everything opens back up, we will be shipping orders out immediately!

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

Über den Projektträger

My name is Danny Blue and I'm the Founder of OMA.  I've been passonate about animals and the outdoors ever since I was little, but always felt kind of helpless everytime I read another story about the destruction that was happening to our planet.  How could one person even do anything to make a difference?

I started this project for one simple reason.  To inspire a movement of individuals that, through our collective efforts, truly CAN help make a massive difference in the world.  

I'm inspired by a quote from Margaret Mead that says "Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has!"  Together with your support, we truly can restore the balance that's been broken by the big extractive corporations of the world, and return the stewardship of these sacred lands back to their rightful owners.



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