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Thomas's Wooden Games

Nice wooden games, handy and design

Über den Projekt

Big contest in the news ! Many surprises ! Running to 300% now !

First bonus for every support of 10 euros or more :
2 D6 coloured as the Ulule owl, with their dice-holder... in limited edition !

Second bonus for every support of 25 euros or more :
1 D8 coloured as the Ulule owl... in limited edition !

Third bonus for the dice sets :
A flexible holder, so you never lose them !

4 new compensations !
In a new set of special dice.
In Kit to assemble without glue.

You can also order them by unit.
Still missing the prototype of the D10 which will be included in two copies in the set.
I'm working on it !

Each kit contains an optional piece to suspend the die.

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Nice wooden games, handy and design

Adding a game in your suitcase, to travel around the world or to visit grandma, is a good idea to spend your time on the road or to have fun with your family !

You need more space ?
You're afraid of losing pieces ?
You hate to play on a miniature, ugly, fragile, unplayable plastic version ?

So do I !

Then I decided to design ergonomic and aesthetic games.

Compact, each game is its own box.
Foldable, like a book, its slips into a bag or lines up in the bookcase.
Elegant, with its classy line, and futuristic look.

A original collection for a classic idea, wooden made !

Here are the models :

- The Chess (box model)
240x126x18mm closed / 240x240x15mm open

- The Chess (sliding model)
240x126x24mm closed / 240x240x18mm open

For both versions :

- The Backgammon
280x198x21mm closed / 280x380x20mm open

- The Dominoes Set
188x40x20mm stacked / 40x20x6mm each domino

- The Dices of my invention
15x15x15mm each dice

The dice-holder included in the set (here in 6 holes model).

There is more photos on my website : thoplanete.com

Games "made in Normandy"

I build each game in my workshop in Normandy, at Les Ateliers Intermédiaires.
The wood (MDF) is laser-cuted, at the FabLab of Caen.

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

A boost to start off!

Organizing a crowdfunding campaign will help me to finance the production of the first set.

1200 euros, a nice sum to launch a project !
But I aim even further, because i wish to make a living of my activity.
For that, I need to purchase my own machine, an option only possible with a large number of orders !

Here are the steps of funding :

- 1200 euros - The minimum
Building 30 games for Christmas

- 2400 euros - Not bad !
New designs

- 4800 euros - Cool !
Deluxe version in solid wood

- 7200 euros - So good !
Way more designs

- 9600 euros - Wahou !
Enough to buy a laser-cutter !

- 12000 euros - SO CLASSY !
And a milling machine too !!

Reaching this level will give me the best chance to continue my work, with the right equipment !

Über den Projektträger

Who is Thomas Planete ?

An playful artist ?
A curious handyman ?
A new technologies explorer ?
A tumblr cyclist ?

Actually, everything together !

28 years, former graphic designer, Im passionate about a lot of things.
Drawing maps, directing movies, traveling by bicycle, tinkering a lot... especially wood !

In 2014, curious, I discover at the FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) of Caen, an incredible machine : the laser-cutter.

Love at first sight. <3

With it, I can cut almost everything I draw !
So I started to design games that I could play on a trip.

Many prototypes later, the models are finally good.
Already some orders, already new ideas !

You can discover my creations on my website: thoplanete.com
And follow the news on my facebook page: facebook.com/thoplanete

The rest of my story starts here, on Ulule, with you !