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Kaleïn's Sabers

Crafted and realistic creation of lightsaber. As well dedicated to the fight as to display collection.

Über den Projekt

Young saber designer, I want to develop my art by the acquisition of new machines and thus finalize the equipment of my workshop located in Paris.
I therefore launch this Ulule campaign, as well as the opportunity to acquire my creations, with the hope that my art will be discovered.  Thank you for your support !




This story begins one evening in January 2017.

Following a Star Wars marathon session, an idea begins to germinate in me. The vision of a unique and personal lightsaber. A dream of a child yet to be attained and an unparalleled desire to become a Jedi.

Then came a year and a half of research, documentation, experimentation and learning: Electronics / 3D modeling / Traditional machining / Powder Coating / Electrolytic etching.

A happy cocktail that will have enabled Mail 2018 to give birth to my very first (and of course not the last) Maohi-inspired lightsaber, in reference to my native island and my Polynesian origins. I wish now to allow those, who were children one day and the fans of this universe that offers us Georges Lucas, to be able to brand one day, the lightsaber of their dreams.



  • Machining in aluminum Au4G or Aluminum 2017. I selected this kind of aluminum for its strong mechanical strength but also for its machining rendering, which allows to obtain beautiful pieces at the exit of metal lathe.


  • French machining. I commit to machine my designs in France, in my small workshop.


  • Use French electronics too, using the various sound and light cards from the "Plecter Labs". I wish to support this small company which also provides quality work.


  • Offer single or limited edition lightsabers (10 copies maximum with serial number) to meet my vision of a fully personalized and unique lightsaber.


  • I plan to limit the ecological impact of my lightsabers by using PLA for my internal chassis. PLA is a fully biodegradable polymer in industrial composting (T ° C> 60 ° C).
  • I practice etching by electrolysis that does not pollute or almost no, unlike the etching by acid.
  • Finally, I use powder coating technique to color my lightsabers. This technique has the particularity of being more economical and also more ecological than the different techniques of coloring by chemical baths.


Support the creation of French-made lightsaber!

If you want to buy one of the lightsabers proposed during this campaign, do not forget to select the reward of your choice, according to your contribution :

- 5€ = A huge "thank you" and your name in the acknowledgments of the end campaign's video and on my website
- 20 € = my logo / keychain, printed in 3D
- 290 € = a lightsaber "Apprentice" with light only
- 390 € = a lightsaber "Apprentice" with sound and light
- 590 € = a "Maohi" or "Commander" lightsaber with sound, light and crystal chamber

In order to expose you the crowdfunding principle:

  • If the goal of 5000 € is reached, you will receive your consideration and contributions will be cashed.
  • However, if the objective of 5000 € is not reached and the project can not succeed, your contributions will be refunded to you free of charge.


Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

Your contributions will allow me to finance the remaining part of my workshop:

- the purchase of a 3D printer allowing me to design new prototypes and build internal chassis with a nice quality.

- The purchase of a conventional milling machine in order to be able to make lightsaber even more complex but also allow me to replace my little dremel which unfortunately does not allow me to realize as precise work as I will like it.

I have at the moment made an investment of my savings of internships and student job in a metal lathe and in the installation of my workshop in my cellar. (That is an investment of about 4000 € already).

Über den Projektträger

Originally from French Polynesia, I study economics in Paris and devote myself to the creation of lightsaber as a Hobby ++.

I have always been an inveterate geek cause of my father who taught me this way of the imagination.
Cradled by the world of Lucas (Star Wars), I am today in the realization of a childhood dream.

Son of a mother prof of arts and a father, video director, Big brother of a great Tahitian dancer girl, I am immersed in an artistic environment. Handicraft is for me a pride and a joy, a way for me to continue the family artistic tradition.