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John Howe Artbook

The art book of a great fantasy master

Über den Projekt


The project : 

In 2004 a beautiful art book was published : John Howe Artbook, which showed the richness of John Howe’s work and recounted his entire career. This art book has allowed many fantasy lovers to discover the extent of John Howe's immense talent. Sold out today, we want to celebrate the 15th anniversary of its 1st publication by republishing this essential art book by 16 additional new pages.

John Howe :
Of course, John Howe is best known for his work on J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, which has shaped our imagination, particularly through his active participation in the art direction of Peter Jackson's movies. However, much less is known about his personal work, or his graphic encounters with great fantasy writers like Anne McCaffrey, Robin Hobb or George R.R. Martin, from which were born some magnificent illustrations.

What will this new edition bring ? 
For this reissue of the John Howe Artbook, the art book will be reworked (a biography instead of the interview, minor revisions of the art book layout) and new illustrations will be added. An additional 16 pages will cover the fifteen years since the 1st edition, to make this art book even more complete !
An inside page :

Specifications of the art book « John Howe Artbook » : 

  • The « John Howe Artbook » includes more than 230 illustrations commented by the John Howe himself, with many anecdotes.
  • Its full-size format, 25 x 32 cm, allows a full enjoyment of the artist’s reproductions.
  • Its hardcover makes it a robust and valuable work.
  • 194 pages.
  • Originality of the book : The foreword was made by Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson).  

An inside page of the new edition (work in progress) :

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

Why call on you ? 
The cost of reprinting this kind of book is high (full-size format, significant number of pages, full color) and we want to print it in France.
When we printed the 1st edition, we were present alongside the printer, after a visit to Switzerland to see and commit John Howe’s original illustrations to memory.
This step allowed us to calibrate the colors correctly in order to get the book images as close as possible to the artist’s original colors. That's probably one of the reasons John Howe said : 

« The John Howe Artbook is my most beautiful art book. »
THE ART DRAW (poster format A2: 40 x 60 cm) :

The arrival of the air ships, exclusively for the Ulule campaign 



  • LE CHEVALIER receives the poster 40 x 60 cm (format A2)

LICORNE - 42 €

  • LA LICORNE receives the art book 2nd edition « John Howe Artbook » (full-size format - full color - 192 pages)
  • All bonuses unlocked

CHIMÈRE - 62 €

  • LA CHIMÈRE receives the poster 40 x 60 cm (format A2)
  • The art book 2nd edition « John Howe Artbook » (full-size format - full color - 192 pages)
  • All bonuses unlocked

DRAGON - 80 € (one for me, one to offer

  • LE DRAGON receives the art book 2nd edition « John Howe Artbook » (full-size format - full color - 192 pages) in two copies
  • All bonuses unlockedin two copies


BALROG – 120€ (one for me, one to offer)

  • LE BALROG receives the poster 40 x 60 cm (format A2) in two copies
  • The art book 2nd edition « John Howe Artbook » (full-size format - full color - 192 pages) in two copies
  • All bonuses unlockedin two copies

All the pledges :



For the first stretch goal (17 000 €) : 

  • The art book is funded. Pledges LICORNE, CHIMÈRE, DRAGON and BALROG will receive the art book directly at home.

For the second stretch goal (20 000 €) : 

Pledges LICORNE, CHIMÈRE, DRAGON and BALROG will receive three exclusive bookmarks
And other goals to unlock...    


5.5 x 17.3 cm, on paper 150g / m2. 
For the 2nd goal, 3 bookmarks forming a triptych, taken from the illustration Celtic Myth.

Offprints : 

21 x 29.7 cm, on drawing paper 160g / m2. 
For the third goal, 1 offprint from the Legolas illustration.
True works of art, the offprints of John Howe will be printed on a 160 g paper similar to Canson paper, in order to approach the originals of John Howe who loves the roughness of paper. They will be offered to all contributors who have picked the art book.

The posters will be sent in square tubes, to ensure their protection.

Über den Projektträger

Nestiveqnen in a few numbers : 
165 novels published, 15 literary prizes, 17 anthologies, 26 issues of the Faeries magazine, 8 role playing books, 6 calendars, 3 art books, 1 imaginary language and... 24 years of passion ! 
Nestiveqnen is a novels, short stories and art books publisher specializing in speculative fiction (Science Fiction, horror and fantasy). Our atypical name means "The one who sleeps under the lake" in Thekas, an imaginary language from the first book we published : Mael's « Entrelacs ».
Our Ulule campaign "Et tu la nommeras Kiev" was financed at 280% in July 2018. 
Our first "Sur les traces de Lovecraft" Ulule campaign was funded more than 1100% in September 2017.

Nestiveqnen in a few dates :  
1994, creation of the publishing house in Villeurbanne, near Lyon (France). Nestiveqnen began publication of role playing books (scenarios, rulebooks, novels). 
1996, Nestiveqnen settles in the French capital, Paris. 
1999, birth of the "Fractales" collection : fantasy, horror and science fiction novels and short stories. 
2000, creation of Faeries magazine, the first magazine devoted exclusively to fantasy in France. 
2003, Nestiveqnen moves to Aix-en-Provence, in the south of France.  2004, publication of the John Howe Artbook which has a huge success in bookstores. 

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