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On deck for Cythera

Your deck of cards at the “siècle des Lumières”

Über den Projekt

Here is your standard 52-card deck – plus 3 Jokers – enhanced with beautiful illustrations specially made by six photographers, bringing the artistic sophistication of the Age of Reason into your hands.

Each photographer has been invited to give their own personal interpretation of the face cards in your typical deck of French playing cards, drawing inspiration from the"Siècle des Lumières".

Portraits, battle scenes, still lifes and landscapes made it across the centuries thanks to artists such as Le Lorrain, Philippe de Champaigne, Chardin, Watteau but also Jacques-Louis David, and today, we are using these artworks as a central theme for the pictures embellishing our card deck.

  • Nicolas Menu will illustrate the diamonds.
  • Marion Saupin will illustrate the hearts.
  • Phylida Dolohov will illustrate the clubs.
  • Malika Mokadem will illustrate the spades.
  • Alexandra Banti will illustrate 1 Joker.
  • Solène Ballesta will illustrate 2 Jokers.

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

 50% of the collected money will finance a first printing comprising 2000 copies of the deck and also postcards featuring the illustrations.

Our cards will be produced following the poker size standard (2.5 x 3.5 inches) with a smooth finish, using full-colour printing on 305gsm cardstock.

We offer two packaging options:

-A standard version that will be shrink-wrapped in a full-colour cardboard tuck box.

-A deluxe version displayed in a smallhand-crafted wooden box.

All our cards will be printed in France by the France Cartes printing company, with an initial printing of 2000 signed and numbered copies.

Moreover, many designers have joined our project, and you may find their work among the rewards.

As the photo shoots are scheduled to take place in September 2015, we are hoping to issue the decks right on time for Christmas: wouldn’t that be a great present for your friends or family?

Über den Projektträger

SCG & Associés is an advertising agency located in Paris.

Two years after publishing Street art Poker, a deck of cards that was illustrated by a group of street artists (including Jérôme Mesnager and Artiste Ouvrier), SCG is now launching this new playing cards project.

Please visit our website to learn more about our products and services.

SCG is proud to present the photographs of On deck for Cythera, listed in alphabetical order:

-Alexandra banti :

-Malika Mokadem :

-Marion Saupin :

-Nicolas Menu :

-Phylida Dolohov :

-Solène Ballesta :