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I N S I D E³

the 3D maze that kills

Über den Projekt

It is the return of I N S I D E ³, the 3D maze who kills, with an easier noVICE series for noobs and a harder PHANTOM series for the fans ! The 3rd level has been reached (40.000€ - 200%), FAN-CUBE is freed! Help us to reach the next level (250%), the Mean noVICE.

Here is an image below that explains everything, it's easier to understand, but basically the goal is to blind guide a ball in a 3D maze:

In 2013 we made a first ULULE which was a big success (see previous campaign) and which allowed us to bring out the complete series 0 (6 levels of difficulty : easy > regular > mean > awful > vicious > mortal ). More information and series 0 available on ((for those who can’t wait for the end of this new campaign and the production of the new cubes).
Since we were still beginners we did everything in a cool way but without giving it much thought. The moral of this story: we have a great game (practically...) that everyone loves but unfortunately it is overpriced and a little too difficult. Moreover, we also wanted to bring out 1 or 2 more complicated models... In short, we have relaunched a project!

Bonus 1 : I N S I D E³ is 100% made in France !

Bonus 2 : I N S I D E³ won the silver medal at the Lépine contest 2015!

Why a new project on ULULE ?

To solve the problem of the price, we decided to reinvest everything we have in production to lower the costs by staying in our good old 94, in Périgny sur Yerre (more details below in section about financing of this project).

For the problem of the difficulty we told ourselves to bring out a few smaller and easier cubes, the noVICE series. Furthermore, its size will also allow lower its production costs. It'll be a more accessible model.
Easier cubes are cool but we know they’re a piece of cake for you, you, our first fans on ULULE who have already mastered the 6 previous cubes of darkness. So we decided to also add difficult cubes, the PHANTOM series. In short, we will explain everything :


If we reach the first level we will bring out an Easy noVICE (blue) and a Regular noVICE (green). Nicely rounded 5cm edges (against 6cm of its big brother), 5 floors to cross instead of 7, an ultra accessible gameplay (the pros will see it on the maps on the surfaces) and a new and improved design : a more clear plan, more difficult to cheat and borders on the floors to prevent you from losing the ball when it (as a result, if you have spotted the ball, you can put the cube back together to resume the game).
The Easy is a "pure descent" accessible to all noobies, even your little brother can master it (this way he will stop stealing your cubes and losing the ball in the darkness). The Regular will be more complicated, it is no longer about descending successive floors. It is a real maze, with climbs and descents. But not too many to still give you a chance to succeed.

At the same time we have created a more compelling and simple packaging.
In short, we released an accessible and cheaper game: on ULULE, 15 € for 1 cube, 25 € for 2, shipping included.


If we reach the first level , we will bring out a Mean PHANTOM (orange) and an Awful PHANTOM (red). It's like the series 0, but with a ghost in it: a second ball , blocked in an isolated zone of the maze. With each movement it will confuse you . Because that’s the way we are, we like to piss off gamers. However, this ghost ball can be removed if you want to play it nice and quietly the old fashioned way. And it can serve as a replacement ball. This cube is already available at a reduced price on ULULE : 20 € for 1 cube, 35 € for 2, shipping included.
The Mean will be complicated, full of climbs and descents, but without a trap. The Awful was designated to be unfeasible. That way you're set. You will not come complaining :)

A small overview of the current range. And also of the Mothercube : the matrix, mother of all cubes.

It is an overview of what already exists (the series 0) and what is being funded (noVICE and PHANTOM). After the ULULE project, you can choose from these cubes, depending on the amount collected. These are the first 3 rows of the Mothercube (except for the Fan-cube which is a special edition) with some holes we will fill over time...

And this, this is the Mothercube . A 6x6x6 cube. Each cube of this monster is a solid pixel under development. To begin we will finalize the first layer, then we'll see if we have lots of ideas to make the cubes more twisted and complicated :)

20 000€ - Easy and Regular noVICE + Mean and Awful PHANTOM available - DONE!

The first level immediately unlocks 4 cubes. We will not deny that this is a bit financially limited so do not hesitate to exceed this level because otherwise we will be a little in a mess :)

30 000€ - CTHULHU PHANTOM available. Offered >55€  + Stickers available. Offered >25€ - DONE!

This level are our famous side stickers which allow to replay the cubes from a different angle.
This cube will be offered for contributions of at least 25 €. There are 4 per cube. Just stick them on the right side (I insist on this so you will take the wrong side or direction...) and poof, it's like having a new cube. Look for example at the “east" side of the regular 0... And just below the sticker with 4 possible points of view. Of course you will receive stickers of all models you will order.

A real funky level ! This is the CTHULHU PHANTOM. As we do not like to repeat ourselves and a new mortal cube without plan seemed to us a little too "obvious" as a concept, we offer you the Cthulhu cube. Fans of Lovecraft and Hellboy will hopefully appreciate this. The principle is simple: it is a PHANTOM cube full of traps, but is cannot be dismantled . And instead of maps on the surface, there will be a coding system for the path you have to follow in the form of very tricky pictograms.
This cube will be offered for contributions of at least 55€. If you do not feel up to it (we will not make fun of you), you will be able to replace it with another cube of choice.
Of course, once this level is reached, you will be able to buy it without taking a pack for 55€. It is a PHANTOM, so he will be available for every PHANTOM option (20€, 30€, 35€...). You just precise at the end of the campaign which cubes you would like to receive.

40 000€ - Fan-cube available, a cube created by one of you. Offered >75€ - DONE!

The next level will be the special ULULE Fan-cube. It is you who will create it on the basis of existing floors. The best proposal (the cube that will be the longest and thus the most annoying) will be selected and we will engrave the initials of its creator on the surface of the cube. Maybe we will even allow the creator to name the cube if he/she has some funny ideas. A priori it will not be sold thereafter, it will be a true collector's item. Besides, we will make a poll to choose an even weirder color than in the picture :)
This cube will be offered for contributions of at least 75 €. Again, you can replace it with another cube if you wish.

To know the rules for the creation of the Fan-cube,click here.

50 000€ - Mean noVICE available. Offered >75€ - IN PROGRESS

We will add the Mean noVICE to the range of cubes that you can choose from. The first noVICE cube "a bit" difficult. It's a bit schizophrenic as a concept: easy but hard cube... He will respect the tradition of the MEAN, lots of climbs and descents, but no dirty tricks.
This cube will be offered for contributions of at least 75 €, because we are mega cool :)

80 000€ - Awful noVICE available

We will add the Awful noVICE. Here it becomes very bizarre a very hard but easy cube, we know it. But it makes sense anyway: it's the first noVICE with a REAL maze and dead ends. You will have to read the plan and understand it. You cannot just let it walk through the maze. There will be traps, you have a hard time, even though it is a novice.
Like before, we can’t offer more than 2 cubes for free, but you can replace it for one of 2 cubes for free if you want.


Basically you are the ones who are bringing in the money. And with that you are entitled to a certain number of cubes. At the end of the campaign, we will look at the numbers of stages we have passed. Then, you can choose what you want from the available cubes.

Example 1: You have contributed 55 € and the campaign stopped at 58,000 €. In theory you are entitled to have 2 noVICE + 2 PHANTOM + Cthulhu (+ the stickers of course). In fact,  you can mix what is available, including the series 0. If you don’t like Cthulhu and the awful PHANTOM, you can fall back on an easy 0 and a regular 0.

Example 2: You have contributed 90 € and the campaign stopped at 2,567,899 €. It entitles you to have 6 cubes + 2 cubes for free (level Cthulhu and level Fan-cube, and the stickers that come with it). If you feel like having 5 Cthulhu cubes and 3 awful noVICE cubes, it will work too.

And of course you can add more money all along the campaign. For example you have contributed 35 € (2 PHANTOM), you see that the project has surpassed the level of 30,000 €. You can decide to add 20 € and it will allow you to have 3 more cubes... Just click on the top of the page on the "Contribute" button and add the desired amount.

If it all gets mixed up in your head, do not hesitate to write us!

FAQ : How do you pronounce I N S I D E ³ ?
The small three, it's like in mathematics, so you say “cube” (Do you remember ?) and INSIDE, it is English. Eventually, in English the jokes doesn’t work because you will pronounce it “inside 3” whereas the French will pronounce is as inzidezecube ;)

FAQ : Why I N S I D E ³ the revenge ?
Because if we'd put a 2 instead of the revenge, it would give I N S I D E ³2 and then no one would understand it.

FAQ : What are decorative stickers ?
It is to ruin your fridge, your bike or your car. They 're going to look like the image below. We are not yet sure about the size: 8 or 10cm each...

They were designed by professionals : Rébecca Dautremer and Pascal Mabille.

FAQ : why edges of 5cm for the mini cube ?
Because it makes 5x5x5 = 125cm³. What is perfect for an unlicensed cube :)

FAQ: How do I propose a fan cube?
So either you take all your floors from the series 0 and you try manually, like a man, or you can use this awesome website by Benoithere. It’s cool, you can try lots of combinations and it's a lot of fun !
But there are some rules:
- For floor 1, you need to take a N1 floor (because of the blocking system at the beginning) and do not turn it.
- For floor 6, you need to take a N6 floor (because of the blocking system at the end) and do not turn it.
- For floor 7, we require the 7th floor of the regular 0. That's the way it is. If you find out why, you are a top block… and you win a kiss.
- For the other floors, you can do whatever you like, including turning it 90, 180 or 270 ° without even worrying about the slide, we will manage it... You can even use N1 and N6, but think well about the blocking system back to create a wall.
- Of course you can use the same floor several times.
The winner will be the one who can create the most annoying cube (ie long, with lots of climbs and descents)

FAQ : what is this partnership with Cthulhu ?
The Great Cthulhu is a creature designed by the American writer HP Lovecraft in a story published in 1926 entitled The Call of Cthulhu. Call of Cthulhu is also the name of the role-playing game of Sans-Détour Publishing, of which the crowdfunding campaign on Ulule has achieved the fourth place for a crowdfunding project in Europe ! Sans-Détour Publishing are partners of this new edition of I N S I D E³ .

FAQ : with what correspond those engraved signs on the CTHULHU PHANTOM ?
The symbol is an original creation from Sans-Détour Publishing. It represents the Great Cthulhu himself! The six lines of signs provide information on how to solve the cube.
Can you decode it?

FAQ: Why is the website URL insidezecube? It sucks, right?
Yes it is super lame, but inside3 was already taken.

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

Simply put:

The financing of a multi-cavity mold that will allow us to lower the price of the cube production (about 30%) is very expensive (over € 30k), but we were able to pay it thanks to the profit we made in 2014. We want to stay Made in France. Not by chauvinism, right, just for the challenge!

Financing the molds of a complete cube is approximately € 15k

So for 4 cubes that makes a total € 60k (yes it's scary!). But Microplast, our manufacturer is a little more than a supplier, he is a partner. He finances 50% of it and is paid back by royalties on the cubes (he believes in us ... we think it's the Cthulhu cube that makes us credible). This leaves € 30k to pay but we can pay € 15k ourselves. So there remains € 15k to collect on ULULE!

Knowing we try to have a margin of about 40% on ULULE (example: If you pay € 25 for 2 cubes. We need to remove the VAT (20% = € 4.17) + commission of Ulule / paypal (8% = 2 €) + shipping costs (5 €) + the cost of 2 cubes (4.5 €), total: € 15.67, it is still not that much, right?), we therefore need to reach a total amount of € 37,500 (37,500 x 40% = 15,000). So feel free to buy 20 cubes at once, it really will help us. Of course we also count on our sales in stores in parallel but we need that also to finance the new packaging (in € 10,000, not counted here but it is essential, if not we will deliver you the mini cubes in plastic cellophane and it will not please you).

In sum, we have to smash this number here otherwise we will not be able to pay the suppliers and we will go to jail, which is not cool, admit it...

Über den Projektträger

The entire team :

Romain-Guirec (or RG) : the creator of the cube. It did not really add any other value to the project. But then he was there from the beginning so no way of doing it without him.

Valery (or Val) : he is, among other things, the big boss of the website. He even encodes when he is sleeping. It's a bit scary at first, but after 2 beers he becomes a normal human being.

Stéphane (or Rockyky) : the graphic designer. He also has his fair share of bad jokes. He looks like Wolverine but then raised on beer.

Remy (or Momdu) : the intern. He knows all the cubes by heart. He debugged the new models. And otherwise he does everything that we find annoying: look for sales outlets , look for press and TV contacts, keep the stands at fairs, organise events. He does everything actually. He is very good.