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HEXAGONE Windsurf Freestyle

A film dedicated to Freestyle Windsurfing and the best riders in France

Über den Projekt

This is the only film in the world dedicated to Freestyle Windsurfing in France !

So, we've all had that friend who didn't understand our passion. 'Windsurfing...wasn't that back in the 80's?'

Well NO ! And this film goes to show that Freestyle Windsurfing is far from being forgotten ; quite on the contrary.

We'll be working in partnership with the organisation WindMeet, which organises Freestyle Windsurfing Championships in France. This year, for the second time, Windmeet will be present at the Mondiale du Vent in Leucate.

The rougher the sea becomes during strong winds, the stronger the bond grows between the competing participants. We will endeavor to highlight their passion, which between them is quickly becoming one of the most intense lifestyle experiences.

Because of the constraints of freestyle, riders are on the lookout for stretches of calm water, for flat water blasting. Therefore we often search for stretches of water protected by sand banks, or shallow areas.

From an artistic point of view all of this results in filming from a totally new angle ; cameramen usually restricted to a beach, now venture right to the heart of the action. It will become possible to install equipement not commonly found on such productions. This approach will showcase things from a different point of view, different from anything seen before. The originality of the project will stand out in terms of both productive and artistic creativity.

The best French riders

Starting off from Six-Four-les-Plages with world champion Thomas Traversa, we will finish off at Leucate with the second Windmeet series at the Mondiale du Vent. We will stop off at several spots along the way, whether famous or unknown, such as the Wesh Center Crew, managed by Julien Taboulet, participant in the Redbull Storm Chase.

Told throughout this adventure is a story about the bonds of friendship shared amongst the best French riders, revealing what drives these passionate people to take to the water in all weather conditions, and why they have to spend their lives windsurfing.

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

ecause windsurfing is our passion, we do not want to benefit from this funding.

This is why we are asking for the minimum...We will sleep in our cars and live off bread and cheese.

All we need is 3 700 € for equipement in order to create beautiful images that you'll love.

And 620 € for subscriptions and insurance cover with Ulule.

And if we have any left overs, we'll treat the riders to la meal at Flunch !

Über den Projektträger


CHRISTALLEN SCHMITT producer/cameraman/editor

It's thanks to my mate Jo, who brought me along to film the first WindMeet events, that my passion became my career. I've always known that I didn't have the level needed to be a Pro Rider, and that the only way to be part of the scene was to become their cameraman !

Today I want to make my dream of producing a Freestyle Windsurfing movie come true !!!

Don't hesitate to support us on the movie's Facebook page !

My aesthetic influences are ski/snowboard movies : images that take the breath away, such as the film 'Into The Mind' by Sherpa Cinema, produced by Dave Mossop and Eric Crosland.

Producing a movie on my own seems impossible.

Which is why these guys are going to give us a hand with filming, mixing, and sound engineering.

QUENTIN BOSC producer/cameraman/editor/sound mixer

VICTOR CABANAT sound operator/ mixer/ sound design

NICOLAS DECAN producer/ cameraman/ editor/ compositing