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Helfen Sie uns, den Mond zu bekommen!

Ermöglichen Sie dem Naturhistorischen Museum Wien, einen außergewöhnlichen Mondmeteoriten zu erwerben.

  • Bye Bye the Moon - Landing at the NHM Vienna aborted...

    This is the last news of the campaign, as in less than 2 days it will end, you will be reimbursed, and this unique fragment of the Moon will land in other hands, in a private collection.

    This is a very sad news, not so much for me, for all the time "lost" and all the efforts "for nothing", but for science and especially for the thousands of visitors that would have been able to see it in our exhibition.

    Sorry for not being more optimistic today, but at Day-2, with about 93,000 euros still missing, I have to admit that the 82 000 Austrian millionaires and ~8,5 millions inhabitants are not interested...

    I am very sorry, I have tried my best, but I am neither an emperor, neither an Astronaut, only a curator.

    In case you have not seen it yet, the largest fragment of the Moon visible in Europe, will be on display in the Meteorite Hall of the NHM only until Monday 2nd of February 2015 (18:30)...

    Finally, as a few persons have contacted me about a possible "plan B", yes I do have a plan B!

    The idea is to acquire only the "small fragments", about 48 g in total, to be able to conduct part of the planned scientific investigations.

    Fragments of the lunar meteorite Oued Awlitis 001 to be used for scientific analyses.

    Knowing that in this case, we will not be able to have a sample on display in the Meteorite Hall, as "size does matter", and that to be able to acquire these fragments, we will need about 12,000 euros.

    For the interested persons, please contact me ([email protected]), knowing that donations of 100 euros or more are accepted by bank transfer to the NHM account. For the ones interested to donate 250 euros or more, you still have a chance to touch the Moon, as the large Moon stone will still be in Vienna for some more days. Be sure to contact me...

    Thanks again to all of you for your support and encouragements!


    PS1: I have played to the Lottery today, as even the chance to win is extremely low, the chance is much higher to win to the Lottery than to find such a unique meteorite from the Moon...

    PS2: You, supporters of this project, if you know a millionaire, you can still help, thus, please do not hesitate: http://www.ulule.com/help-us-to-get-the-moon/

    PS3: This failure with the acquisition of the Moon will not stop my enthusiasm, I have many other projects, such as the discovery of a new meteorite impact crater, in Europe! My 3rd one of the 187 known on Earth, just online today: http://www.hou.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2015/pdf/1758.pdf

    Such a discovery was not possible alone, it was the work with colleagues that allowed it, and I was hoping that the same was possible for the Moon...

    "Together we can do things that would be impossible alone!"

  • Only 10 days left... don't get stoned - get meteorited!

    Sorry for not posting earlier but we have worked very hard in the last weeks, trying our best to be able to acquire this unique fragment of the Moon. We have also organized some related events (see the photos below)...

    I definitely cannot imagine that the "landing" of this meteorite will not take place in our Museum, but the chances are now very low, knowing that still ~95 000 euros need to be collected..., the reason why I would like you all to help for this dream to become a reality.

    Have a look at the eyes of the kids in the Meteorite Hall with their drawings of the "inside of the Moon"!

    Can you see the Moon rock and its blue 3D printed replica? [Where's Wally? / Wo ist Walter? / Où est Charlie ?].

    This unique lunar meteorite, with its olive-green crust is so nice that you would like to "eat it"? or?

    I took this photograph for a joke, as some guys frequently ask me if I eat some parts of the meteorites from our collection...

    The answer is definitely NO :-)

    Thanks to circulate the link (http://www.ulule.com/help-us-to-get-the-moon/) to help us to add this meteorite to the "Menu" of the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien...

    Finally, in case you have still not seen these videos, I really recommend them to you:




    And for our German speaking supporters, see here a very nice article on our campaign:


    10 days to go... but where? Definitely to the Moon!

  • The Moon for 2015?

    Hello, Hallo, Bonjour!

    Happy New Year, Glückliches Neues Jahr, Bonne Année 2015... wishing you all the best for this new year, in good health, and to be successful with all your projects.

    About "projects", I would like to thank you all for your donations, from all around the world (unfortunately not so many from Austria :-(), for your support and encouragements to get the Moon to the NHM Vienna...

    We are now exactly 25 days before the end of the fundraising campaign, and we are still very very far from the Moon, as we still need to collect about 100 000 Euros; This is a lot of money, but when you see all the new related activities/projects and the enthusiasm of some persons, especially of the very young explorers, I am still hoping, or should I say dreaming? of the Moon.

    About "the news", I was very happy to receive the visit of a young and very clever Austrian boy, just 7 years old, which has donated 250 Euros to touch the Moon; It was a very nice "Christmas" present/dream for him... and I think he is one of the most enthusiastic supporter I have seen so far...

    Now we have also started a drawing contest, a project in collaboration with the BG/BRG Wolkersdorf school (http://www.ahs-wolkersdorf.at/?p=2797), for which 42 kids, 10/11 years old, have prepared drawings of how they see/imagine the "inside of the Moon".

    I would really appreciate if you could vote ["Like", on Facebook] for the best drawings and also share/circulate the link all around on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/13WS4pY

    [Deadline for the votes is fixed to Sunday 11th January 2015 at 23:59]

    Finally another "project in the project to get the Moon", is that we have 3D scanned the meteorite and that we will 3D print it in the next days (more about this project in the next News).

    [Thanks to Gabor Klauser, http://www.3dee.at]

    Finally, here is a short video I have prepared to explain the project to get the Moon to the NHM Vienna: http://youtu.be/fyqCjoxO7ak

    [Do not hesitate to share it all around!]

    For the French speaking supporters, be aware that today we even have a nice article on the website of Le Monde: http://autourduciel.blog.lemonde.fr/2015/01/06/participez-a-un-projet-scientifique-et-decrochez-la-lune/

    Remember that this lunar meteorite represents more lunar material than all the samples brought back on Earth during the Soviet space program!

    Thanks to continue to support and circulate the information about our project (http://www.ulule.com/help-us-to-get-the-moon/) to all the persons you know...

    Alone we can do small things, but together we can do a lot!


  • Together we can do things that would be impossible alone!

    Hello, Hallo, Bonjour!

    I will continue in English to allow all the explorers to understand this first News.

    First of all, I would like to thank all the generous donors, from all around the world, for their supports and encouragements.

    I really hope that the several News, I plan for the next weeks, will help you to better understand this project, to learn more about meteorites and why we should care about them, and also to learn about the scientists that support this project and the ones that have contacted me in the last days, willing to be part of this adventure, and/or to encourage me...

    Today, I would like to tell you more about the circumstances of the discovery of this meteorite and the discoverer(s)/owners.

    Less than a year ago, on January 15th, 2014, a group of eight persons drove back from an unsuccessful meteorite hunting trip. They decided to stop by the roadside, near Oued Awlitis, for dinner. For the cooking, they had to search for firewood, what is not a so easy task in some parts of these desert areas. Mister Oussaid finally found a partially buried piece of dead tree trunk, but he was not able to excavate it by hand. He finally managed, using a pickaxe, to pull the wood out of the ground. It was only then that he noticed, beside the tree trunk, in the cavity, an unusual looking rock fragment. He collected it, as he was surprised by its appearance, with wrinkle ridges and greenish color. At this time, he was not really thinking that it could be a meteorite! Upon returning to his home, Mr. Oussaid showed his stone (~380 g) to Mr. Aid. Immediately, Mr. Aid recognized it to be a meteorite, with a greenish-brownish fusion crust, a wired meteorite. He then, a few weeks later, decided to organize a return trip to the find site. After a search of the area, an additional ~50 g fragment, which fits exactly onto the main stone, was found, just about 50 m away.

    This is the story of the discovery of this meteorite, knowing that is was only later recognized/confirmed to be a lunar meteorite, but this will be the topic of my next News...

    [Note that a large part of this story was compiled using information from: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php]

    Today, the owner of this meteorite is not a single individual, but a group of Moroccan guys (meteorite hunters/"nomads"), including Mr. Aid. It is from them that we will acquire this unique lunar stone, and they have accepted to loan us the meteorite during our crowdfunding campaign, to allow you to already see it in our Museum.

    In case you have not seen it, we had in the last days some really nice articles and posts on our project, see here some examples; For information, I will post all the links here: http://www.meteorimpactonearth.com/inthenews.html

    Thanks to continue to support this crazy project! and to share this link and information (http://www.ulule.com/help-us-to-get-the-moon/) with all the persons you know on Earth and beyond...

    We need you all!