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Guilhem Desq - Electric Hurdy-Gurdy

Debut album

Über den Projekt

Guilhem Desq is a french musician and hurdy gurdy player, offering a surpising journey around his unusual instrument. WIth a solo album to be released in Fall 2017.

Welcome on this page where you can learn a bit more about this album project and help me with it. After producing two albums with my band Arcane Alchemists, it is finally time for me to unveil a bit more about my solo project. And what better to do it now with a beautiful  album!

For nearly two years the project has matured and it will eventually pay off. Overall this album will include 10 original compositions, a guaranteed 100% hurdy gurdy album (or almost, but it’s a surprise...).

This album is also an opportunity for me to offer you a meticulous rendering of the compositions that you have already heard in concert or in my Youtube videos (which totalise 2 millions views), and of course you will find songs like Omen, La Libellule et le  Baobab or Break Your Crank.

For the rest ... You’ll see at the album release!

This album is heavily influenced by the fantasy world that has always amazed me. From there was born a character, The Gurdy Wizard, creator and wanderer of imaginary worlds. Each track of this album is for me a tale, a journey or a feeling, in which the Gurdy Wizard is enchanting you and inviting you to stroll.

Abandoned castles, sandy deserts, enchanted forests, dragons and dragonflies, snowy mountains, here are some of the scenes that we will cross together in this album.

Drawing : Loren Bes

The hurdy-gurdy is a stringed instrument that dates from the Middle Ages, its main characteristic is to use a wheel to rub strings, you can thus obtain an infinite sound (as long as you do not stop turning the crank). It is a complete instrument that has four different types of strings:

Chanterelles allow to make melodies with a keyboard operated by the left hand. Drones allow to play the bass and trumpets give rhythm thanks to the strokes from the right hand. The sympathetic strings bring the resonance of the instrument.

I also use the instrument as a percussion (my drummer spirit is still there!) by striking it in different ways.

Finally, magnetic pickups can accurately capture the sound and then add electronic effects (delay, distortion, looper ...).

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

• Recording and Mixing: 4000 €

I have already finished recording the album a few weeks ago in the Waïti studio in Toulouse with Yannick Tournier. It is now being mixed, and I can tell you now that the result will be up to my expectations.

• Mastering: 1000 €

This is the last step in the production of the album, the step that will bring the final color of the project. The mastering will be done by Alexis Bardinet at the Globe Audio Mastering studio in Bordeaux.

• Pressing: 1000 €

The CD in digipak format, the goal at first is to press 1000 copies.

• SDRM: 500 €

These are the rights of reproduction, some of these rights will come back to me because I am the composer of all the music on the album.

• Artworks: 600 €

Because obviously I need beautiful imagery for the album.

• Ulule Commission: 300 €

• Printing t-shirts, tote-bags and cards: 600 €

TOTAL: € 8000

€ 8000 is this the budget of this album. With the savings I did on my concerts in recent years, I can provide € 4000 to the project. It therefore lacks € 4000, which is why I ask your help.


Also, this album aims to promote my project (and to expand the empire of the hurdy-gurdy worldwide haha!), and to do that the album needs to have exposure in the press and the media, as well as beautiful video clips. All this will be part of the next levels that we will try to achieve together:

• Video clip: 1000 €

Indispensable to the promotion of the album, a first video clip on one of the songs of the album.

• Press officer: 1500 €

• Animation Clip: 2500 €

A second, more ambitious computer generated video clip.

Summary in a simple figure

Über den Projektträger

One could say that I fell in a magical hurdy-gurdy cauldron when I was little. With a father who makes hurdy-gurdies at home, it had to be expected, and now it has been 20 years that I have played that instrument.

At first I mainly practiced the traditional music of my country, and then I learnt to play drums and participated in many projects as a drummer.

I then turned to a more modern use of the hurdy-gurdy around eight years ago when I made my first electric hurdy-gurdy with my father. It has increased the possibilities of the instrument, making them virtually endless.

Photos : Chris Rod

This allowed me to flirt with many styles of music, mainly with my band Arcane Alchemists (Rock Fusion) with whom we produced 2 albums, but also with many collaborations in France near Toulouse, with Mighz (Hip Hop), Dawa Deluxe (Funk Hip Hop), Rakoon (Electro), and many others...

Then the few videos I published on the internet (including "Omen" which totals more than 1.3 million views) helped me to reach a wider public, and open the door to new collaborations, such as Maati Baani (World music / India), Martin Stimming (House / Germany), Bedouin (House / USA), Steinregen Dub System (Dub / Germany)...

Meanwhile, I have also composed several music for short films, such as "Scars" and "Shards" by director Felix David.

All this allows me to live my music and traveling the world to share. A dream come true...