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B.O.B or the End of Innocence

Adolescence is a difficult journey...

Über den Projekt


B.O.B or the End of Innocence is the first feature film produced by KSET Production, which is an association made of young people ambitious to be a part of the professional world of cinema.




Affected by a rare disease which disturbs ones senses in an erratic way and which completely inhibits the external stimulis, Charlie has struggled to be feel comfortable among the other young people of that age. But meeting Bob, a superman of  daily life, enables him to create a new identity through the videos carried out Bob, that they put online in order to promote his actions. But beetween darkness and light there is only one step…

What does the project means for us?

B.O.B or the End of Innocence is a project born in our spirits several months ago and which gathered us within KSET Production. It is about a first for each of us: a first feature film. We had the occasion to work together on various short films.
The final goal of this project would be to reach a bigger audience through festivals, or in cinema.


Where are we in the production process?


Currently in pre production, we are in the course of casting as well as looking for the film crew for the shooting, which will take place in February. We also made contact with professionals in cinema for all the equipment rental.


Our Inspirations

The Visual environment that we want is very marked by contrasts and bright colors, we search an original visual, which will mark the audience without obstructing the follow-up of the story.
The sound will also occupy a very important place in our production, the disease of the main character will influence the perception of the audience.
Here are some of visual inspirations :

Concerning the musical atmosphere of the film we have with KSET Production, a young tallented composer : VHS

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

The film is essentially based on a voluntary team, but this kind of production has costs. That's why we're appealing to you to make our film possible !

100% of the kitty (8300€) :


150% of the kitty (13700€) :

200% of th kitty (18200€) :

With 100% of the kitty we would be able to carry out our film under good conditions for the actors and the engineering team. If we exceed our goal it would allow us to work with other professionals. 

Über den Projektträger



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