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Jon Snow Figurine by Nemesis

By fans and for fans, a beautiful resin figurine of the famous character from the Game of Thrones series!

Über den Projekt

Némésis wishes to produce, for the first time in its existence, a polyresin figurine 100% designed by fans for fans, of the famous character Jon Snow from the TV series Game of Thrones by HBO (adapted from the original novel A Song Of Ice And Fire from G.R.R. Martin). Entirely drawn and designed in our own style, we need funds for the production of 50 resin, limited edition, numbered copies!

Final design approved on April 14th! (Just for the designer's birthday!)

Reference design sheet, click for higher resolution (colours have been simplified on the other views for better clarity)

Whatsmore, for the occasion of the Winter is Coming Con convention in France, a compilation of illustrations from our artists will also be available, inspired by G.R.R. Martin's universe, providing a new vision for the fans of the series.

We have already found our sculptor and supplier, we only need to pay them and start production!

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

Your help will allow us to start the machine for the creation of the figurine, and especially pay the prototype and the manufacturing of a few copies. Indeed, we need to take into account:

  • Creating the prototype (circa 425€ or 580$ or 350£)
  • Manufacturing each copy (around 15€ piece or 20$ or 12£)
  • Shipping the figurines to France (200€ or 270$ or 165£)
  • Paying taxes and customs (20% of the package)

Therefore, the total cost price of each copy is variable, depending on the number of figurines! (Because of the amortization of the fixed costs) The more figurines you order, the more we can make! (And the more we can give you little gifts with the spared money per piece! ;D)

In conclusion, the 850€ would especially help us fund their manufacturing (we'll complete the rest), price of the illustration compilation and other goddies notwithstanding, which we will pay for ourselves. We would be very greatful for this help!

About the shipping fees:
Being vonlunteers, we do not have any preferential agreement with any transporter, like many professionals do. Depending on the contribution you have selected, the shipping fee may be a little high. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to come get your reward at one of the many fairs and conventions where Studio Nemesis is present, and we will refund your shipping fees! (Polymanga in Switzerland, Geekopolis and Japan Expo in Paris, Japan Touch in Lyon, and a few others. Contact me for more info!)

Über den Projektträger


Némésis is a group of artists, slightly crazy and very passionate about fantasy worlds and all things imaginary. With over ten illustrators, graphic designers, authors and model makers of all kinds, this tightly-knit group has been on the run for over 10 years in geek and otaku fairs!

Gone from scratch, some of us became professionals, but keep on working voluntarily with the team, for our greatest pleasure. So please support us and contribute to our project!

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  • A propos des frais de port

    Nous ne sommes malheuresement que des bénévoles, nous n'avons pas de condition nous permettant d'avoir une ristourne postale. Ceci-dit, et car il nous arrive souvent d'être en convention/exposition, vous pourrez prendre votre commande sur notre stand pendant les salons que nous faisons, et ainsi vous faire rembourser vos frais de port. Il suffit de nous contacter pour connaître les salons où nous serons présents !

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  • Avez-vous le droit ?

    Par le droit à la caricature, notre création reste tolérée et valide, car il s'agit d'une création entièrement réalisée par notre équipe, dans un but d'hommage non lucratif (nous ne percevrons aucun bénéfice personnel dessus). Ce type de production n'est pas nouveau, nous pouvons par exemple vous citer le site Qwertee de design et vente de t-shirts inspirés de la pop culture. Par ailleurs, nous bénéficions du soutien des organisateurs du festival Winter Is Coming Con, que nous remercions chaleureusement.

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