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Dedicated Server für Farming Simulator 2013

Eine dedizierte Software um persistente Online Spiele für LS zu hosten!

  • tobichenx3

    Wann kommen die Linux Server Dateien für LS 15?

  • MS

    Ich würde auch gerne mal meinen key bekommen und erfahren wo ich die software herunterladen kann...

  • Kyrah Abattoir

    Well i know that it's that FS2013 was the last product i would ever get from Giants. I can accept a lot of things, but asking people 25€ for a dedicated server and then tell them

    "oh by the way, you need to also buy another copy of the game to run your server" that's pushing it, and it's written nowhere on the kickstarter. (I saved the page in case they think about editing it now)

  • Kyrah Abattoir

    So basically they fucked us over.

  • GIANTS SoftwareSchöpfer

    @stard3vil schick mir ein PM mit deiner Emailaddresse, damit ich den key suchen kann.

    Beste Grüsse



    replied to your PM, need your emailaddress as well, to find it.



  • stard3vil

    Habe ne E-mail bekommen, wollte den anhang herunterladen und schwup war die e-mail gelöscht... besteht die Chance diese E-mail nochmal erneut zugesendet zu bekommen ?

  • phyier

    I sent a private message however have not received a response yet. I did not find a key in my email. I would like this resent please.


  • masterz


    I reported that in the beginning of the project

  • masterz


    That mean for dedicated server you need application (that Giants build) 25€ , FS2013 licence for server (the game 25€) cause dedicated need this own game licence

    And if you want join your OWN server you need 1 fs2013 licence (the game 25€)

    So if you want server you need:
    -dedicated server ==>50€ (25 + 25)
    -Your FS2013 game 25€

    75€ to play on YOUR OWN server.

  • arronlorenz

    I am very disappointed that I cannot use the server. I did not realize that I would have to buy an additional non-steam copy of the game. You should have just made the backer price $50.

  • ericcloutier965

    Can I start the server and play at it on the same computer?

  • nicolasdarribamagalhaes

    A mi no me ha llegado ningun correo aun.
    Ayuda por favor

  • ar4y

    tnx for information you are the best

  • GIANTS SoftwareSchöpfer

    ar4y: every player needs Farming Simulator 2013. But only the Server needs 1 Farming Sim and 1 Dedicated Server. So yes, if you rent a server your friends don't need to pay for the dedicated software.

  • GIANTS SoftwareSchöpfer

    Raijin1337; habe dir eine PM geschickt.

  • ar4y

    so if i buy server. my friends dont have to pay if they want to play with me?

  • Peter Lochmann

    habe bis jetzt keine mail bekommen.


  • Gregory Blachford

    Hey anyone mind taking a look at the support topic I launched about this server software? It's on the Farming simulator forums in the English section.



  • acki

    wenn die finale version kommt, braucht mann dann wieder einen patch

    gruss acki

  • olivier debail

    merci giants pour ce super projet sa fontionne super bien bravo

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