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Let's provide the independent professionals with the collaborative community they need

Über den Projekt

Do you believe in collaboration and peer-to-peer help based on skills, trust and proximity as in a real beehive? Let's make it happen together

You surely know many websites to share cars or houses, to swap goods and services, to find a recommended tradesman or to hire a freelancer. But what about professionals helping each other? None... till now!

You want to exchange ideas? To share projects? To benefit from each other’s skills? To find answers to your questions? Our app facilitates all of these, just for you!

CoworkBees means efficient and trustful collaboration around the corner;
the breeze you need!

To be able to rely on the skills, opinions and recommendations of people like you is the reason why we created our unique collaborative network.

  • Because being an entrepreneur, freelancer or startup, there always comes a time when you need to share an idea, to be challenged, to ask questions, to consult an expert, to turn to others for guidance, to find a specific resource, to interact and to collaborate.
  • Because you are also more than eager to share your knowledge and help others benefit from your skills and experience, whether you are working or retired.

But as part of an increasingly independent and fragmented workforce,

  • How do you find other professionals to collaborate with, such as programmers, designers, marketers, …?
  • Who do you ask for advice or feedback? Whom do you share your ideas with?
  • How do you find genuine recommendations to choose an accountant, lawyer, HR or online tools?

Like in a real beehive, in a safe and dedicated place, CoworkBees allows you and like-minded people with complementary skills to help each other and collaborate efficiently.
The network ensures the quality of the recommendations by digitalizing the work of mouth,
and helps you meet face to face thanks to the geo-localization of the skills and coworking spaces.

CoworkBees does not just help you; it fosters genuine collaboration as in a real-life community.
It is not yet another social or professional network.

It offers the missing piece of coworking. It is:

  • A (R)evolution from being just a working space
  • A philosophy, a work style
  • Working better together than alone
  • Genuine, qualitative and trustful collaboration

It provides a straight-to-the-point, efficient, on-demand and localized approach.
It is the new way of working, the answer to the needs of an exponentially growing workforce.
It is the solution you have been looking for!

Over the last 9 months we have given our all for our dream to come true - passion, money, countless hours – just because, as it rarely happens, our brains, hearts and guts are all telling us we are creating the world of tomorrow!

Since the beginning of May, a hundred of entrepreneurs and freelancers have tested the private beta app in Spain, both on iOS and Android, and in the three languages (Spanish, French and English).
Running those tests has not only validated our concept but also made us learn some valuable lessons. Thanks to all the participants, we were able to define our public launch version which contains lots of new and innovative features (and surprises!) that you are going to love!

  • A wide majority of the participants asked us for a desktop version; we will make it happen for you! You will be able yo use the web app on computer, smartphone and tablet.
  • Following constructive feedback, the user interface will be simplified by showing from the start all the CoworkBees on the map everyone praised - postponing and simplifying the profile set up. You will now see all opportunities at a glance!
  • The map will also show you the nearby coworking spaces that you will be able to book directly.

Well, let’s stop there  – although we are dying to tell you 😉! – there are some cool surprises in store for you…

We started in Spain to validate the concept and we already have many members in the rest of Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, UK), in the USA and in Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela).

Practical, as we are a peer-to-peer network where the more the merrier, the roll-out in each country will be driven by our members’ interest.  In other words, we build the hive where our members are.

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

The development and improvements of the first version of the app have been paid out of our own pocket.

We now need your help to develop this new version of the CoworkBees app and broaden the geographical scope of the hive! The funds will be fully allocated to the development of the new app.

Minimum objective: €20,000

For full transparency here is its distribution:

Remember that Ulule works according to the all-or-nothing principle. In order to get any financing, we need to reach our target minimum objective!  

You’ll definitely make our day and especially our members'!
The €20,000 are going towards the development of the new version of the app which actually requires a total amount of €35,000.
Above €35,000, we will be able to accelerate our geographic roll-out and make the app available earlier to more CoworkBees!

You will receive customized and unique rewards for your precious contribution (details are on the right-hand side of this page):

By the way, if you are not interested by the rewards but you do believe in us and in our venture, you can always choose the last option on the rewards column “I do not want any rewards”.

Über den Projektträger

Your devoted team is a diverse colony with 3 languages in common 
AND an EXCEPTIONAL power of execution


  • Collaboration,
  • Sharing,
  • Helping each other,
  • Discussion, brainstorming and feedback,
  • Giving without necessarily taking,
  • Taking and giving.


Networking does not have to be

  • Daunting for the introvert,
  • Complex for the outgoing,
  • Boring for the extrovert.

Networking should allow cross-pollination of ideas, advices and best practices.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller


  • The hexagons represent the diversity of our members in terms of professional status, skills and functions,
  • While the bee, made of 2 geo-localization icons intersecting, symbolizes the collaboration.


Whether or not you support us with a pledge, you can help us spread the word on social medias, by words of mouth and any ways you can think of!

Click on the following links to automatically share on your social networks!


We can’t thank you enough for checking out our project and helping us make
CoworkBees the hive of professional collaboration!

Your contribution will help change the professional networks forever!