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Eine ethnisch inspirierte Internetseite mit explizitem, sexuellen Material, dessen Hauptziel es ist gute Zecke zu finanzieren.

  • Delivered

    hi guys,

    today we send off all the stuff about your rewards.
    So wait a little and you will receive condoms, pins, thisrt, sex toys and so on!

    Now it's time for develop the website. We are working hard on that, it's a little bit complicated, but we are superpositive to relase our first beta at the end of April.

    We have great news about future collaborations, but we'll keep you updated soon.

    Please don't forget to spread the voice about come4.
    We need your support! 

    With infinite love
    ricky & marco 

    Ps: we would like to see our stuff in action.
    Remeber to post and tag come4 facebook page when you'll receive rewards (we would like to see how you use it ;) )

  • Rewards Update.

    hi lovely backers,

    just a small recap about your rewards.

    Condoms, Stickers, Pins & Sex toys are in our house.
    We have already ordered the tshirts.
    Next week everything will be here and we will be ready to deliver.

    Love you all
    (Merry Christmas)
    ricky & marco

    ps: have you already visited our coming soon page ?
    Spread the voice! ;)

    pps: don't forget our facebook page.

  • complete your rewards form

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • what happens now ?

    hey guys, 
    a small update about what we are doing here in come4, after the enthusiasm of reaching the funding goal.

    There's a lot of things to do before setting up a website, here are a detailed list of what we are thinking/making.

    • we speak with a couple of lawyer about how to set up a company/association for managing all the stuff relating to come4.
      in the next days we'll fund the association, the first charity focused, porn site association!
    • we requested a series of quotes for all the gadgets we have to send to our supporters. Today we send a special email to all of our backers about size, types of sextoys and so on.
    • we are preparing a budget plan with how we would like to invest all the money we received ( videos...)
    • here you could find a small spreadsheet about all the costs. we would like to be transparent from day.0
    • we received tons of emails about people that wants to collaborate with us. We are now contact all those people and setting up a great team!
    • we are validating our "business model" (it's not properly a business model, but...) because we would like to be sure to do the right thing (a small customer development process).
    • we talk with Asta Philpot Foundation and we are making a small business plan about our first charity cause to sustain ;)
    if you need any additional informations about us or our project feel free to contact us on 
    love [@]

    remember to follow us on facebook:
  • love you all

    we would like to thanks you all. with heart. really. it was a fantastic 50days crowdfunding campaign.
    give us a minute for a for a little careful video of thanks.
    marco & riccardo

    (and two minutes for preparing all rewards)