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Board Game - Dice and Strategy

Über den Projekt

Been traumatized by a power struggle in elementary school, the young Denis Portion dedicates his life to the study of conflicts of all kinds. Genius by profession, he plunges his body and soul into the development of a new-generation computer an awesome power. After nearly a lifetime ... Nearly..., two weeks! He creates a machine he christened the Computron4000Denis aims to reference all the creatures of the world, and make them battle it out a fight without mercy. Next, enough to classify them in order of dangerousness. Thus, no more force report will be lightly estimated: it is known, before it takes place, if a conflict is doomed to failure or not. However, a small error in the program, the summoned creatures are printed, not in 3D, but the 3 dice ... Well, never mind, this is just a detail.

CHUNKY FIGHTERS is a fun and exciting skirmish game from Nick Hayes! With action, adventure, emotion, suspense,thrill and (almost) not love.

Each player makes his team with the proud warriors at his disposal. Be careful, a good choice is necessary because the fighters have special abilities that make them unique. It is important to do a combination of warriors adapted to your strategy. Then, players compete by making their characters fight against their opponents. Each of these fighters is represented by 4 dice, 3 dice for the the Body (Head, Torso and Legs) and 1 die for its Equipment (variable strenght).

From a technical point of view, the characters will be composed of 4 white dice of 22mm (big enough), with 3 thick sheets of 8 stickers each.

It is the same for the 4 Combat Dice: Yellow Dice the Runt fighter, Orange Dice the Vigorous fighter,
Red Dice the Stalwart fighter and the unavoidable Location Dice.

Then ...:
• Each player, in turn, will play a character of his choice.
• He will be able to Attack, to Parry, to Disarm, to Cure, to Support, to use a Talent or to Change a weapon.
• The goal of the game? Defeat all opponents presents with the best strategies!
Fast and furious games!
• From 2 to 99 players, in fight mode or team mode.

>> Download the rules in French (low resolution, 1.9 MB)
>> Download the rules in English (1,9 mo)

Note that the game has 2 modes of combat:
• The "Higlander" mode: it can be only one.
• And the mode "Challenge", the goal is not to eliminate his opponents, but to achieve an objective of victory points by
completing challenges.

Box Contents

The first edition of the game will consist of 2 starter packs (Starter #1 and #2) with each:
5 "Action" tokens used to mark the targeted fighters with special capacities,
2 known Fighters (Aldebaran Tromb and Odile Cédlespass or Jack Rock and Conrad Coursi)
1 Mystery Fighter (randomly selected from the 10 available fighters)
3 fighter sheets (French and English) which list in detail the skills of the Fighter,
10 "Challenge" tokens (randomly selected from the 25 available challenges)
15 "Rage" tokens
12 sheets of stickers 8 each,
6 dice of 22 mm,
• 1 Pack of Combat Dice Set
• 1 rules booklet in French, English, German and Spanish.

We also hope, just after the release of the game, to offer six additional fighters to multiply strategies and teams configurations. This will depend on the success of the ULULE campaign, but in any case, Red Robin Games will produce between 6 and 10 new Fighters each year (or more if you like the game as much as us). They will be available in numbered Boosters.

If the collection goes beyond our expectations...

The author and Robin Red Games have worked on 97 additional fighters, each more freaky than others: the Teacher
(which is actually an alien), the Men In Black (a team of two), the Blob (with annoying regeneration) or a Dragon (whose body is composed of 6 dice). The game, now, is already very addictive, but with the boosters, the pleasure will be increased at a new level! The more fighters are produced, the more combinations and strategies you will play.

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

The crowdfunding will cover a portion of manufacturing costs for the 22mm dice that cost ... Help! As well as various additional costs (shipping, prototypes ... and Ulule). 90% being is funded by Red Robin Games. The greater part of the documents are ready to fire, and already in the hands of our local printer. To have harassed him every day for a week, I'm sure that the packaging is underway ;-)

So with your support and your subscriptions we can carry out this adventure (to the delight of young and old). For information, the Starters will be sold in stores at a price of € 25.00 and Boosters at 8.00 € including all taxes. With a quick calculation you will realize that some rewards are really worth!

Estimated date of dispatch of the rewards: MARCH 2015.

The campaign will end in February, the 23rd. This may seem unrealistic ... But not. All the components are already manufactured. Only dice require your support... and we bet that the campaign will be a success!

Über den Projektträger

Author: Nicholas (Nick) HAYES is a game designer based in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Tucson, Arizona. Also a freelance illustrator When Time allowded. Currently he's working as a game designer at Spin Master. His daily tasks include Designing new games.

He earned a BFA in Toy Design from Otis College of Art & Design.

The Editor: Robin Red Games ( is a publisher established in 2012 (a young company!) By Pascal Boucher and Yves Roig, game, illustration and adventure enthusiasts,.

Since its inception there almost 3 years, the structure has designed and published 9 games. Accessible for all ages 
(some from 4 years), 4 of these games are also available for the blind,in French and English Braille version, so that everyone can play together with equal pleasure. For the year 2015 5 new games are planned.

The production is made internally, we realize the development or concept optimization, texts, translations, illustrationspage layout, packaging (shape cutting), assembling... Everything is done! We take great care to work with partners on French territory (when possible).