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The Worlds first strategy racing game

Über den Projekt

Speed and Strategy.

ChaseRace has been in development for the last 20 years - initially as a board game and at this point also as an application for the iPad and a web application on Facebook. ChaseRace is the world's first turn-based strategy racing game. The cars drive after a patent pending formula that mirrors real world physics and accounts for acceleration and shifting gears. Players must navigate in a dense field of other racers, try to go through every bend in the ideal curve and reach the pit for tire changes, refueling and damage repair. The board game pieces can masterfully simulate a real racing track along with the real handling and driving of a racing car in a simultaneous turn-based environment on a hexagon grid. 
Players will experience a whole new world of strategic gameplay combined with adrenaline-charged speed. There is no such thing as luck in ChaseRace, which gives it a very competitive element and allows you to legitimately play for real money. Chase Race has six natives teams - each with 100 virtual shareholders. 

Our Team.

The owners, along with our strategic partners, collectively hold all the needed expertise to realize this game and all physical as well as digital prototypes toward this end have already been manufactured. We are a total of six owners of the ChaseRace company, who also simultaneously act as suppliers of the services needed for the realization of the game. Bo Willumsen is a manufacturer and contractor on the physical board game along with David Tschernia who supplies the magnetic board game tokens. Haris Aftab provides software encoding of the application in the digital game. Anders Christensen supplies 3D artist renditions and animations. Asger Egekvist is our internal auditor. Uffe Egekvist, along with Mary-Ann Mose, are our head game developers as well as our marketing competence.

Links for further information:

Play the prototype for PC on FACEBOOK:


Link to Facebook:


Look at our WEBSITE:


See the VIDEO about our vision:


Download the BETA VERSION for iPad: On AppStore: search for "chacerace"

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

Our objectives:

20.000 € or more - helps us to finish the development of the game enviroment

Our released prototype on AppStore and Facebook has to be tested. We need to get our future players reaction on what they like in the game and what they don't. This will give us the inputs to make the game platform more exciting and relevant to the audience and will provide us with the important traction in the early stage market. From that point we anticipate organic growth to the point where the project is self-sufficient.

30.000 € or more - helps us to program the Race Team platform

At this stage we get the programming behind the virtual community done. We shall implement the six teams in ChaseRace including a team coach, five managers, 25 pro drivers and 125 drivers. Each team in ChaseRace is a community where you train together, compete with each other in tournaments, set new team records, exchange strategic advice, develop new driving strategies and help each other to develop their garages. 

50.000 € or more - helps us to introduce the tournaments

If we are lucky enough to achieve a funding from you of 50,000 €, then we will be able to code our Grand Prix and the world championship tournament in the virtual game. We intend to organize an international world championship in ChaseRace where the winner will receive a cash prize of up to 100,000 € (we will share our ad income with the players). The ChaseRace World Cup will be promoted heavily in e-sporting circles as ChaseRace is a 100% skill game. Similarly, we will code our entire Grand Prix Tournament Platform. In this tournament, all teams participate and win real cash prizes. A Grand Prix consists of five heats, starting with a qualification round and finishing with a final. There are prizes for the top three drivers in all heats.

88.000 € - helps us to get the board game into production and to introduce the game on the Android platform

The dream is to reach € 88,000, so that we are also able to publish our physical board game, in addition to the programming of our social platform and introduction of the tournaments. Initially we will produce the number of copies that you book for the 50 € category. In the board game you can play all tournament formats and upload results in the Hall of Fame on Facebook. There will be an enhanced interaction between the board game and the virtual versions available in all AppStores. If we reach the € 88,000 with your help, we will also start programming on the Android platform and publish the game for all types of smart phones.

The ChaseRace board game

The board game rules are largely identical to the digital versions. There are six teams each with their own drivers. At first all players must take part in the building of a race track consisting of magnetic board pieces which are placed on a metal foil game board. This gives the game a sturdy feel and quality, enabling one to play outdoors or move the game around without worrying about pieces becoming out of place. The cars are driven through GAFs (Gear/Action/Fuel) pieces that determine vehicle handling, speed and fuel level. Players can constantly try to better their sector and lap times or drive into the pit for repairs, refueling or tire changes to accomodate the varying weather. The board game can be used in conjunction with our app, so that leaderboards and track records can be shared with other players around the world. The app will also contain a chat and play forum for the board game.


All the objectives in regard to programming are done based upon work for hire. That means that we define every task in hours and then multiply with our per hour cost. In regard to our monetization we work together with GroupM as our digital media partner according to a fixed price.

In regard to the board game, we have specified the cost below. As you can see, every game has a cost of 52,42 € when we include the molds in the first edition. So the additional 38.000 € will finance the molds and your board game pledges.

Über den Projektträger

Uffe Egekvist

I am a dedicated game developer that loves intelligent strategy games. All my life I have worked with new ideas for board games and video games. My dream is to be able to work with games all the time and now is the chance. My vision is to establish a great gaming community of people arround the whole World who enjoy the world of e-sports. You can be one of the pioneers in ChaseRace so please help the dream come true - for all us game lovers.

The Team

Look at the video and learn about our plans: http://www.provector.dk/showsingle.asp?epid=23542&iid=177

You are also welcome to look Uffe up on linkedin: http://dk.linkedin.com/pub/uffe-egekvist/7/992/b31

And remember to visit www.chase-race.com