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Beboo Bike - Be Unique & Be Ethical

The ecological and solidary alternative bike

Über den Projekt

Beboo aims at proposing at an affordable price several models of bamboo bikes in order to propose an ecological and solidarity alternative to conventional bikes. BeBoo aims at another way of making the economy. A project that combines economic, social and environmental objectives.

A   C O N C E P T    U N I Q U E   &   E T H I C A L

A   S O C I A L L Y    I N N O V A T I V E   C O N C E P T

Environmentally friendly

This initiative has acted for an economy that places human, not profit, at the center of its approach. It also seeks to experiment with new "models" of the functioning of the economy and participates in the project of society of solidarity economy which are based on the following values:

  • Ethics in human relations
  • Equitable exchanges between economic actors.
  • Transparency
  • Solidarity
  • Sustainable development
  • Local development

BeBoo a project of Exchange, Sharing of profits and always in search of a greater Equity than in the conventional trade.

The Yonso Project:

We have developed a partnership with "The Yonso project" to develop and design frameworks together. It is an NGO based in Ghana. The benefits of this partnership are to be able to participate in the financing of micro-credit as well as the development of education. Currently 20 employees have a permanent contract and are working for this local craft project. They participated in the finishing of a hundred educational programs.

You can find their programs on: YONSO PROJECT

Sharing profit

BeBoo will contribute 5% of the company's profits annually to a charitable project.
During their purchases, customers to vote for an association or an NGO and a survey will take place on Facebook.

Product design:

The frame It is made of bamboo tubes of different calibres and thicknesses, lined with pieces of steel with end pieces, assembled with hemp and covered with a bio-sourced epoxy resin highly resistant. The frame will be made of bamboo and entirely manually. It requires 36 hours and will be manufactured by the NGO in Ghana "The Yonso Project". All the frames are then tested mechanically in order to obtain the European certification A layer of protective varnish is then applied to fight against the rain and the difficult conditions The bike All our bikes are then assembled by professionals in our workshops with components Reliable and quality.


Bamboo is a material that does not pollute and consumes very little energy when it is assembled. It is a fast growing, very resistant and supple plant.

For who ?

These bicycles will be given to all types of people looking for reliability and economic alternative:

  • The particular for an everyday bike to get to work
  • Cycling travelers looking for adventure and history with sturdy equipment
  • Companies or start-ups that want to equip their users in search of ethics in their spending.
  • Local authorities wishing to develop a more responsible eco-transport and eco-tourism.

By using our BeBoo bikes, these players will be able to take part in this way of conceiving tomorrow's solidarity transport and participate in the revolution of soft mobility.

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

The goal is to help us in launching Beboobike. We need this small financial aid to get the right car and ensure a sustained tempo during start-up.
We hope to reach a minimum target of € 3,000, which will allow us to ensure the first supplies and to see the project born.

Development of an E-Beboo

Your participation also serve the development of an electric bamboo bike.

This will help us in the study and choice:

  • Special frame electric bamboo
  • Battery and electric motor
  • Approval and compliance of European standards
  • Right back position
  • Wide-section tires
  • Integrated led lighting
  • Effective brakes
  • Types of Transmission

Hoping to offer you quickly, a qualitative product has great autonomy.

In order to boost your city trips and bike rides with electric assistance!

Here are the details of the different fees:


In exchange for your support we offer products related to our concept, sustainable materials and ecological.

A  Bamboo watch                  A Bamboo Sunglasses     Beboo T-Shirt

A test day:

Rendez vous for a session ride on the shores of Lake Annecy to discover the first BeBoo (spring / summer 2018)

A frame of bamboo Beboo

The first Beboo bike at the preferential price (1200 €)

(Price excluding campaign: 1400 €)

Model fixed BeBoo size S M L woman or man.

T H A N K S   F O R   Y O U R   T R U S T !

Über den Projektträger

Nous sommes deux passionnées par le monde du voyage, de l’entreprenariat solidaire et surtout de vélos à se lancer dans cette aventure de création. 

Arnaud qui s’occupera de la conception produit et de la chaine logistique. Passionnées depuis toujours du monde de cyclisme et notamment de voyage à vélos, avec toujours cette idée de création de marque de vélos qui germait au fond de sa tête. Il a suivi également la formation Bioforce de logisticien international ou il a pu comprendre l’importance de projets soutenant le développement de l’économie locale d’un pays tel que le Ghana.  

Virginia, qui gèrera la partie communication (chartre graphique, web, community managers, partenariats) et marketing. 
Elle partage son temps entre création graphique et gérante d’une maison d’hôtes en Galice. Elle est passionnée par le monde du tourisme solidaire et de l’entreprenariat nomade. 

Vous pourrez trouver plus d'informations sur :

Le site internet (en construction)


La page facebook



Annecy (74)

[email protected]

Arnaud & Virginia