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Badass Cartoons

Über den Projekt

We remember them as cute, fun characters smelling of strawberry shampoo, but our childhood heroes grow up just like we do.  And, like many child stars, the rest of their careers rarely go the way we imagine…
After a life of debauchery, alcohol, drugs, and chainsaws, the great heroes of pop-culture have lost their innocence and have grown up to be tough guys worthy of Chuck Norris.

The collection “Badass Cartoons,” compiles the Tohad’s illustrations parodying some of the most well known characters from the universes of animation, comics, and video games.

Cute, vegetarian teddy bears become dangerous, carnivorous grizzlies, hat-wearing plumbers take up body-building, syrupy-sweet songs become barbaric chants, and princesses no longer wait for their princes to dive into the fray.

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

As the entire body of work is being self-published, the funds raised on Ulule will finance a high quality print version of Badass Cartoons.  The goal is to print a beautiful bound hardcopy of the book filled with lovely, colorful pages dedicated to the psychopaths who make up Badass.  The work is in comic book form (17x24 cm) containing more than 100 pages comprising illustrations of the Badasses, their descriptions in French and English, as well as a few previously unpublished surprises.

For a 20 euro donation, you will receive Badass Cartoons by mail, shipping cost included.  

Starting at a donation of 35 euros, in addition to a copy of Badass Cartoons, donors will also receive the first volume of Neighbors of Chaos, an 80 page bound, hardcover, in-color graphic novel in French. Your name or penname will also be mentioned in the acknowledgement section of Badass as well as on the official website!

Above 50 euros, donors will receive all the above mentioned items (Badass Cartoons + Volume 1 of Neighbors of Chaos) as well as a limited edition print of an unpublished Badass cartoon on high quality paper and signed by the author.

For 150 euros, the author will create just for you a color, high-definition illustration of your favorite character along with all of the previously mentioned items.  

Finally, a 400 euro donation will make you the ultimate patron.  You will receive all of the previously mentioned items plus a 50 cm x 79 cm canvas print of your choice among all the images in the author’s portfolio or Badass cartoons.

The book will be ready to send to the printer as soon as the 7,000 euro goal is reached.  Copies will be ready as soon as possible after the end of the Ulule campaign in order to get them sent out by the end of October, beginning of November.  
By participating in the publishing of Badass Cartoons, you are contributing to the preservation of the independence of the author and supporting the free distribution of his illustrations on the internet without the numerous restrictions placed on traditionally published works.

Über den Projektträger

My name is Sylvain Sarrailh, and I illustrate the Badass series, an homage to the pop-culture that has fueled me since childhood, a childhood that I never grew out of—I still prefer hot chocolate to coffee.  I also write and illustrate the comic Neighbors of Chaos, which you can find on this website:
I am a french professional independent artist working in Toulouse at Atelier Spark which I share with my wonderful colleagues.  To get an idea of the other kinds of work I do, visit my portfolio.

For nearly a year, Badass fanart has been making the rounds of the Internet on many sites including BuzzfeedKotakuSmosh. Badass has many followers across a variety of social networking sites, especially on my DeviantArt page, which already has 13,000 subscribers.

You can also follow me on Facebook, DeviantArt, my Tumblr, or my Twitter, on which I regularly share updates on my work.