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Anecdotes plein les sacoches

or how I joined solo the Iceland with my grand mother's bike

Über den Projekt

At 25, Aurélia feels like she needs to break up with her too much regulated daily life in order to go at the meeting of the others, to reconnect with the nature and also confront herself under all circumstances. That's why she decides, for the first time, alone, by bike, to embark on that journey.

Her turns of wheels will lead her from the black forest until the Icelandic glacier, from comfortable nights at wonderful hosts to bivouac on a hay cart, from all-you-can-eat breakfast to tin can under the rain...

Always alert, open-minded, she is carrying on the world she crosses a gaze without prejudice nor judgment, where she offers smiles, her joy of life, her travel tales as her sketch realized on road to foreigners.

6 months of wandering in North Europe, or 8200 km (5200 miles) travelled by bike, which has taught her to develop her instinct, to gain some self-confidence, to trust people and to be daily amazed.

It is on her return, by telling her escapade to her relatives that she had the idea to creat this travelogue, livened up by the desire to show how travelling as a single-handedly woman in Europe is not only possible but also and above all incredibly rewarding..."Launch into a solo journey should even be a prerequisite for all of us!".

The list of equipment essential to provide for; clothing tips to be on the top of your game (even as a girl), detailed maps of the route, games, discoveries, perseverance, interdependence, biomimicry, self-confidence...

Her quick made sketches, short illustrated cartoons, panoramic pictures, anecdotes: or how she has been able to create improbable and moving meetings, how she kept working all along the journey, how she defeated the cold and the wind upon the approach of the icelandic glacier, how she has been offered the "warrior" arsenal from an old german scoutmaster...
But also her doubts, reflections, and the way this has made her grow up!

A story you can read or chronologically or "peck" according to your mood! Novel split into Aurélia's personal development steps. You will also find:

  • Well made page-setting mixing texte & illustration

  • Games & funny explanations

  • Playful advice for travelers

  • Detailed & annoted maps about her whole route

  • Sketches realized on road, spontaneous reflections scribbled on her log book

  • Anecdotes reported on cartoon

  • Double pictures pages

  • And so many creative double pages

"I do appreciate the personal reflections which show her evolution during that adventure. We instantly understand this is a human experience with its up & down, every part of it brings something to the trip. It gives some bravour seeing it is possible for a solo woman to face the unknow and manage in all security. Maps, pictures, drawings are all amazing and let us represent what she lives. Tips (ou travel tips) & meets she describes make us want to leave immediately." Anne-Gaëlle

Wofür ist das eingesammelte Geld?

Take advantage of bargain prices which offers the presale: 30€ instead of 35€!

The printed book quantity will be estimated according to the number of subscribers,in this way, if you wish having having the book, it is deeply advised to pre-order it.Likewise, the whole goodies has been specially designed for this campaign so the manufacturing will be made individualy so do not hesitate to indulge yourself or your relatives by offering those unique and original products :-)

  • The "mobile-happiness"

You "Mobile-happiness" will be here to gives you energy, willpower but especially lot of love, to realize projects that which you hold dear!

It will be delivered as a kit: a wooden small board with both sides pre-cut and engraved + the string required.
All you need is to untie pieces, join them thanks to the string, according to your desires then hang it wherever it please to you! Instruction for use are written to the back.

  • Photo printing or sketch

Photo printing: 60 cms x 40 cms, printed on Canson drawing paper Infinity Baryta 310 g (matt aspect - excellent definition). You can chose among those following 9 pictures & 2 drawings :

  • The "Pétaler"

Pieces are realized in close collaboration with the workshop Putanesca, which has the know-how and the material(equipment) necessary at the elaboration of tha kind of sculpture.

An original, unique bedside lamp and made with authentic bike pieces. L 40 cms x l 30 cms x a hour 25 cms.

The more the number of impressions(printings) will be raised and the more the cost of the book in the unity(unit) will be decreased. The saved money will serve to offer you full of beautiful presents!

> So that we are all earner here, do not hesitate do speak about it around you!

Über den Projektträger

Aurélia BrivetIllustrator - Graphic designer - Short animated movies director
Graduated from the french art school "Emile Cohl" thanks to her short animated movie "Relationcheap" in 2012, she has ben "Tfou animation" competition prize-winner thanks to her short movie "Hearts happiness" realized into Parisian studios and broadcasted on french channel TF1 the verry same year. She works one year as graphic designer for a communication agency of Lyon, then acquires other international experiences before get back to Roanne where she decides to develop her own workshop. Multi-purpose, she likes the creation under all its forms. From illustrartion to cartoons, from graphisme to street-art, from video editing to mobile application, from photo to school interventions... 

For any further informations: her website - Facebook page - Instagram