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Alien Frontiers: Aurora

Hast du das Zeug dazu, eine neue Welt zu besiedeln?

  • Update #45 Status update

    1. Pledge deliveries are resuming.
    2. Please update your delivery address if you have moved.


    I hope that all of you who have received your copy of Alien Frontiers: Aurora have been busy enjoying the game and discovering the best tactics to conquer and colonize planet Maxwell.

    I haven't been able to finish all the deliveries before having to face very serious health issues. These issues prevented me from completing the printing of the outstanding language versions as well as resolving the issue of the dice tower. 

    My health has started improving in the last few months. I am far from being out of the woods, but I am able to resume the deliveries for French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian after the 2015 Spiel.

    Polish and Dutch supporters will have to wait a bit longer, but they will also receive their rewards.

    Instead of dice towers, you will receive 9 additional metallic dice.

    If your address has changed in the last months, please send your updated address before October 15th to [email protected]

    If you haven't paid your shipping fees (or your payment was returned by Paypal), please make the payment via to [email protected]

    Thank you for your patience and understanding,


  • Update #44 Spiel etc.


    Before driving to the Spiel, I wanted to post a quick update on the delivery status.

    1. Several shops who supported the project will be picking up their games and other rewards as well as the games and rewards of backers who chose to get them with orders from these shops.
    2. Several clubs and associations as well as individual backers will be picking up their rewards at the Spiel as well. 
    3. Deliveries will continue after the Spiel .
    4. Wooden dice towers and full metal packs will be sent separately in November at my expense.
    5. Aurora will be sold at the Spiel, so Spiel visitors will be able to get the game before some backers. I regret that I haven't been able to ensure all deliveries before the Spiel.

    Thank you for your patience,



  • Update #43 Project status


    Just a quick update. The mising 2 cards for French and German versions have finally arrived. I am waiting for the news regarding the arrival of the cards for the other languages. As I am on business in Belgium until early September, I will resume the deliveries as soon as I get back in Poland.

    Please note that Iwil not offer further refunds now that the game has been manufactured and is waiting to be shipped..

    Thank you for your patience,

    Piotr  / [email protected]

  • Update #42 Card status


    I was delighted to meet many Aurora backers at the Paris Est Ludique festival and hand them the Aurora box. Unfortunately, I was unable to deliver then the cards, the rulebook and the bonuses.

    I have now received the cards manufactured in the USA. They feel and look great, but due to my mistake during the final layout stages, two cards are missing from the decks. I am now working with the printer to schedule a new print run for the mising cards, As soon as I have more info, I will let you know, but it looks like the deliveries will resume at the end of July. 

    I am terribly sorry for this delay and thank you for a few more weeks of patience.

    [email protected]

  • Update #41 Help needed at Paris Est Ludique


    If you are planning to attend the Paris Est Ludique festival and would like to help demo Alien Frontiers and crokinole on the LocWorks booth either on Saturday or Sunday, please shoot me an email at [email protected],

    Helpers will get weekend passes to the festival, two meals/day and one free game per day from the following list:

    • Alien Frontiers: Aurora
    • Belfort
    • Chicken Caesar + expansion
    • Garden Dice + expansion
    • Ground Floor
    • Lords of War: Elves versus Lizardmen + Lords of War: Orcs versus Dwarves
    • Martian Dice
    • Mars Needs Mechanics

    Preference will be given to people who have some experience demoing games.

    Thank you,

    Piotr / [email protected]