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Alien Frontiers: Aurora

Hast du das Zeug dazu, eine neue Welt zu besiedeln?

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  • Jose Fernandez

    five years mission: no hope of the game. can we go legally against locworks?

  • peterockradio

    Closing in on five years now. I'll never forget your name, Piotr Burzykowski.

  • Fernando Fernandez Garcia

    It seems we simply financed a robber that cheated us. That's the last and only possible explain.
    I hope Piotr read this: YOU ARE A FUCKING ROBBER PIOTR! And a coward too. Enjoy our money.

  • peterockradio

    So we're basically screwed, is that it? Is there any recourse for us? Or did I simply get robbed?

  • davidcuestablanco

    Some news?
    Fucking proyect....

  • Laurent Lefebvre

    I'm still waiting for my box as well...

  • Jose Fernandez

    Happy 2016 everyone!!,

    Piotr please,... just tell us where are our stuff!!!!!?!?!??!?!.

    Piotr dobry,

    Gdzie są nasze gry?

  • peterockradio

    Happy 2016 everyone!

    Where's my stuff?




  • peterockradio

    Finally, an update. I am sorry to hear of Piotr's health problems, and glad to hear that he's nonetheless committed to the fruition of the project. All we ever asked for was updates, and now, with this, we can reset our expectations. Thank you, Piotr. Get well.

  • Gus Brandys

    I got / took my copy in Essen 2014, since the "publisher" was selling the game. Funded here. What a shame he hasn't sent them to backers. And used them to get money at Essen.

  • Jose Fernandez

    Maybe for Essen, he would have more copies, and some in other languages, who knows.

  • gabrielgeek

    Hi, fellow backers, I bear some news. Although at this point it's sensible to be cautious when interpreting Piotr replies...

    Anyway, I wrote a pm to Piotr/locworks on BGG, without any hope to get a response. Surprisingly, he reacted quite quickly, instead. Quoting:


    Subject: Re: Aurora
    Hi Gabriele,

    Yes, you will receive your reward. I will post an update on the remaining rewards in the coming days.

    Kind regards,


    On 2015-09-12 12:12, Gabriele Pezzato (GabrielGeek) wrote:
    > Subject: [BGG] Aurora
    > From: GabrielGeek
    > ----------------------------------------------
    > Hi,
    > my name is Gabriele Pezzato, I'm one of the unlucky backers of the Ulule "Alien Frontiers Aurora" campaign. It's been more than 3 years since the project was funded and I demand an answer: will I get the promised reward? Is there any possibility to have a refund of the 84 € I paid?
    > I'm not confident in your reply, but I had to try.
    > Regards
    > GP

    So, finger crossed...

  • Jose Fernandez

    i've sent a twitter to locworks using the hashtag: #AlienFrontiers_Auroragate.
    We can use it to reclaim our copy, and give some visibility to our problem.

  • maudcognard

    Pareil, j'attends toujours mon exemplaire... !

  • peterockradio

    Another month. Any updates? No. And posting here about it or checking for updates is about as effective as crapping in your own hand and patting yourself on the head. What a disgusting, shameful scam this has become.

  • Jose Fernandez

    another month and no news about it. Sorry if you don't understand spanish, but all i'm asking is for my game!!!

    There will be an Alien Frontiers Big Box, and we still are waiting for this version.

  • Jose Fernandez

    Digo yo que en algún momento este Piotr podría poner algun mensaje. Vergüenza muy poca, y todos los mecenas esperando ( eso si, los alemanes y franceses que fueron a Essen contentos y al resto que nos den).

  • peterockradio

    Another two months go by. Still nothing. See you all at next month's Meeting Of Suckers.

  • Nicolas GERARD

    Still nothing too...

  • peterockradio

    Another month, still nothing. Shameful. Has ANYONE received ANYTHING?

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